May 18, 2014

Rediscovery of My Muchness

When I first published this post today I didn't even realize how I had started it; telling how I had won couple instagram giveaways. There you go, I said the same thing but with less self-sufficient way. Today's agenda was indeed to show you what I recently won from Uncommon Nonsense's contest. But first of all I must tell you a bit more about this amazing British clothing line, that is created by an unbelievably strong, undeniably talented and such sweet young lady Gemma. After posting this earlier today and letting Gem know about it, I got a link from her, saying "You can read about our story here." That link lead to LOVE & WARDrobe's blogpost written by Isabella, unveiling the incredible story behind Gemma and Uncommon Nonsense. Reading it through in the middle of the night, in complete silence and darkness, made my heart skip a beat. I had to come back to my blog - this post I had just made public seemed too light and merely scratched the surface. After all, having a read like that can't leave you cold - or otherwise you're heartless. I hope you click that link above and read through, every word of it. And if I loved Uncommon Nonsense before based on the clothes they're selling, now I love it more. I find Gemma and all of her unique designs to be are a true gem among all the faceless, copycat and bloodsucking companies in the business called fashion industry. I'm so happy to be able show even a little bit of support with my writing and photographs here.

Battling through an eating disorder, epilepsy and even strokes --each garment in the Uncommon Nonsense range is lovingly created with every fibre of Gemma’s willpower, with the aim of creating collections that can make any woman – regardless of size, disability or looks – feel and look beautiful. .. Named after a quote from Alice in Wonderland, Uncommon Nonsenses’ clothes transport you to a world where fitting into a garment is almost as easy as easy as it was for Alice to change size with her drinking potion. With an unusual and exquisite range of fabrics, Gemma describes her clothes as ‘quirky yet wearable.’  " - Isabella
“I do not believe that a bespoke service for clothes should hold a hefty price tag. If a woman needs advice and help in order to gain confidence when she is doing something a simple as getting dressed then I want to be able to support those women.” Pricing her standard sized clothing at the same price as her made-to-order service, every woman who choses to wear an Uncommon Nonsense dress can feel and look as special as the next." - Gemma

I first came acquainted with Uncommon Nonsense via amazing blogger friend Kizzy, lovely lady behind blog The Dainty Dolls House. she had joined a giveaway on instagram that seemed utterly adorable, and so did the shop organizing it. Eventually I was the lucky girl who's name was chosen to win one of Uncommon Nonsense's designs: adorable Rabbit tee!  I'll show you pictures of me wearing & styling it below, and also all the other lovely gifts I received in the package - which were complete surprises to me!

I have to mention how unbelievable feeling I experienced when I received this package; how is it that someone you've never met can pick up presents that completely represent you and your style, your loves and favorite animal motifs! Just watch the pictures and you'll know what I mean. That is if you know me .. Well, I might as well tell you how I love rabbits, deer and one of my favorite stories is Alice in Wonderland. This gift felt like it was truly meant for me, and not just some random blogger. It felt so me that I burst into tears while opening all the envelopes, ribbons and papers.. Big crocodile tears of overwhelming joy. I'm utterly amazed, and thankful to the Moon & back.♥

I also got a special code for you
UNCOMSATU to receive 25% discount!
You can take a look at the full collection here or by clicking on the sidebar banner image.

April 28, 2014


Hello. It's been a while. :) I needed a little time off from the blogging world, and I've mainly focused on publishing randomness on my Instagram (link to my profile on the sidebar :) @indiebyheart_satu ) But I haven't forgotten you all here, and will be visiting everyone back as soon as possible. Thank you for all the comments while I've been offline xx

Thrifted vintage blouse with embellished collar 
Gold watch / oldie from Glitter
Body Collection lipstick "Minx" / Fragrance Direct only 1,19€ here

I feel like this is my favorite photo of me. Not being selfish, don't get me wrong. :) I just think most of my photos are "nwah it's okay" or then the usual "oh my, horriblehorriblehorrible, delete it please please". My mum usually takes those and refuses to delete, haaha ..but this one above makes me smile. Obviously I took it myself, with a little help of a mirror. I love it a lot actually. I can look beautiful.. If I really try hehe! 

April 19, 2014

Window Shopping: Payday Wishlist

I've been splurging with make up and such lately (girls will be girls) and been pretty much broke afterwards. Yeah haha. Oh well, it was my boyfriends turn to make the most grocery shopping and paying the bills anyways, since that has been my "unspoken duty" for past three years. :) ..Say whaaat: our 3rd anniversary is just around the corner! Yikes, time sure flies ♥ But anyways, I've made a little wishlist around various online stores. While I've had no spare money to spend I've been forced to think twice or three times about what to buy - even though I do that all the time anyways. But now I really had to think since I wasn't able buy anything * grin * Good thing I don't have a credit card, I would make whole lot more impulse buys!
(If links below don't work, it might be sold out item .. But let me know anyway so I might fix any problems. Note: some links lead to my sponsor sites, those are and But, I haven't been paid for this post. :)

Make Up

There has been a massive change in the way I see make up. I don't shop for need anymore, I collect things to treat myself and try out new and exciting things. Colourful lipsticks are one of those things, especially bright pinks with a hint of blue / coldness and I've been searching for a cute coral tone as well. Here's my luxury picks by YSL from

32 Jealous Coral and Fuchsia Storm (32,50€)

I've got three Dior 5 Couleurs -palettes but still craving for more - they're absolutely stunning. This has really sweet tones that would suit my green eyes perfectly.. * sigh * So pretty.

Pink Pompadour (53,30€)

April 17, 2014

Advertiser Feature: & Wild About Beauty Natural Cosmetics

I first heard of this online beauty store from my dear friend, who has ordered some salon hair products with nice discounts there. Salon quality shampoos & conditioners are quite expensive in Finland, especially if bought straight from the hair dressers, so I know she has saved a big buck by purchasing them from instead. { Another money saving plus side of this store is that you get a free shipping when your order is over 15€ ! Wont be a problem for me. } Personally, I use anything for my hair that seems effective for coloured hair, has a budget friendly price tag on and / or I've heard nice reviews about.

EDIT: I have voucher codes for you !
Use code april8off70 in the promotional code box at the checkout to save £8 when you spend £70 or more
- Use code april5off60 in the promotional code box at the checkout to save £5 when you spend £60 or more
Use code april2off30 in the promotional code box at the checkout to save £2 when you spend £30 or more
Use code april9off4 in the promotional code box at the checkout to save 9% when you buy 4 or more items 
- Use code april6off2 in the promotional code box at the checkout to save 6% when you buy 2 or more items
- Use code april3off in the promotional code box at the checkout to save 3%

 (*free delivery on £10+ orders)
These offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher code promotion or Unique Member Club discount. Discount codes exclude the following brands Stila, Gatineau, ghd, Ole Henriksen, Lily Lolo, Dr Sebagh & Moroccanoil. Valid until 30th April.

I don't have any long time favorites when it comes to beauty products in general, but I do love the fact that has variety of cosmetics that aren't available in Finland - and some I've never even heard of. So while browsing around the site I discovered brand called Wild About Beauty. Sounded a lot like me, so I thought I'd take a closer look. I'll add some basic info straight from the site, since I haven't used these products myself and don't have any personal experience yet. :)
"Co-founded by TV presenter Louise Redknapp and famous makeup artist Kim Jacob, Wild About Beauty is a range of botanical cosmetics that enrich and care for your skin whilst ensuring high quality performance.The range works in harmony with your skin to help protect, enhance and nourish the skin with plant extracts. The multifunctional products can help achieve a variety of looks, and are perfect for today’s modern women.This fresh approach to wearable, coloured cosmetics enables women to enhance their natural beauty without harsh ingredients and complicated make up." It's a mid-priced brand, using natural ingredients and all the colours seem so delicious too! I'm a very visual personality, so the packaging of products mean massively to me. Starting from Wild About Beauty -logo to the appearance of the lipstick shells and nail polish bottles - everything is simply beautiful.
Oh and they also have a sale "take 3 and pay for 2" from all of this line's items!
Discount (the cheapest product of the three free of charge) will automatically be applied once you've added the products. I just had to make a little imaginary shopping cart / wishlist for the future (since now I'm broke hah) and I hope you find something worth trying out too. At least I would buy this store empty if I could.

(Three colour choices, my pick 03 Maggie)

Multi-purpose crème for eyes, lips and cheeks! 

A multi-tasking marvel! This is a ‘quick fix’ product for enhancing eyes, lips and cheeks by adding a hint of colour that lasts throughout the day. Infused with skin beneficial anti-oxidants, Vitamins A and E (
antioxidants that helps to protect and repair skin), this ultra light, blendable formula is easy to apply and guarantees a natural looking finish.

- Creamy and light sheer texture crème
- Multi-Purpose, easy to apply 
- Free from Parabens and Petrochemicals

April 9, 2014

Advertise on my page ?

I'm not sure how many small business owners are reading this right now, but I do hope I'll manage to reach at least some. That's because I would really love to cooperate with more -sellers and other small businesses rather than huge companies (yeah I still have couple of those among my advertisers, simply because I shop there myself / love the shops.) I'm looking forward to promoting your products on my blog and social platforms by doing a well written review of them with multiple photographs. We could even organize a lovely giveaway together! :)  I've been so lucky in these past two years to have been able to spread the word about three different - stores. Most recent cooperation happened very recently with Anna Ruth Simple Salves (check out my previous post, natural beauty products) and last year I made two sponsored posts: Ninj & Ninj and DB Illustrations. Links to their shops can be found on my sidebar. Sidenote: I believe in long term partnership and fair deals, so if some entrepreneur is kind enough to send me their products for free their link will most definitely remain on my blog til the end of it's existence! :) And few days ago I finally uploaded etsy-app on my phone, so now I'm officially hooked with so many amazing items by unique artists and artisans.. * sigh *

So here comes my updated sponsor info and some statistics of my blog. I'm sincerely looking forward to hearing from you. xx

"Indie by heart" is a PR friendly site. 
It is open to product reviews, advertisements and hosting giveaways. 
I'm currently most interested in:

- beauty products
- handmade, vintage (etsy stores)
- interior items
- womens clothing and accessories

I'm always looking for new products to review and new sponsors for my site.
Contact me via email to discuss more or if you have any questions. 
We can also discuss about ad space on my site's sidebar.
I only work with sponsors that are appropriate and whose site reflect on my personal 
taste and content of this blog. Gifts or product samples are very welcome. ^^ 
I can also accept monetary compensation via paypal / bank transfer.

"Indie by heart" is also open to blog button or link exchanges with fellow bloggers
I only make free deals. If you have a question for me, you can email or also 
place comment under any of my blog, and I'll get back to you asap. 
Remember to include your blog address or/and email as well x

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April 4, 2014

Necklace of the Royal Ones

I sincerely believe this necklace carries within the most magical powers. Sparkling fairy dust, whispered enchantments and beautiful woodland nymphs with wild flowers on their hair.
Can you vision it?

I can. I believe in fairy tales.

statement necklace & floral garland / Glitter

March 28, 2014

HAUL: Beauty Bargains

{Jippii, tänäänkin suomea ;} Esittelyssä viimeaikaisia kauneus- ja kauniita ostoksiani. Ensimmäisenä mainittakoon upea unelmakaulakoruni Glitteristä, jonka vihdoin kotiutin. En peittele pikkumaterialistin iloani ^^ Mutta, keskitynpä tällä kertaa näihin kauneuspuolen tuotteisiin, ettei tästä tule ihan kilometripostausta kaikkine kuvineni ..


My recent #beauty buys .. and something beautiful, too. It's my dream necklace from Glitter - stunning isn't she? ♥ Will show you more pics next time, so this post wont be never ending one. Today I'm focusing on the cosmetics department of my latest finds instead. 

March 27, 2014

FOOD: Nepalese

Tänä vuonna paikallinen ravintolaruokakulttuuri on kokennut useita muutoksia. 20 vuotta kiinalaisen ravintolan yrittäjina toiminut pariskunta jäi ansaitulle eläkkeelle ja uusi toimija tarjoilee aasialaisen keittiön parhaimpia Oriental Asia - nimen alla. Emme ole vielä päässeet testaamaan edullista 8,90€ buffet-pöytää täynnä erilaisia wokkeja ja mikä parasta - SUSHIA! Lisäksi lähiruokaan keskittynyt Vilée Puoti & Bistro lopetti toimintansa ja sen entisissä tiloissa jatkaa nepalilaista ruokaa tarjoileva Everest Nepal. Kävin ystäväni kanssa herkuttelemassa siellä jo aikapäiviä sitten, mutta kuvat ovat jääneet kansion sopukoihin sopivaa hetkeä odottelemaan. Voin kyllä suositella paikkaa, sillä pidän hieman tulisesta ruuasta - ja raita-kastike sekä naan-leipä tasapainottavat kastikkeiden vahvempiakin makuja mukavasti. Valitsimme tandoori-kanakastikkeen jossa oli mm. voita, hunajaa, kookosta ja inkivääriä (jos muistan oikein :P) ja toinen friteeratuilla kanoilla tulisemmalla kastikkeella. Hyvää oli ja toistekin pitää päästä kyllä illastamaan kera hyvän ystävän! ^^

Went to Nepalese restaurant with my friend - yum ! :)

March 26, 2014

FOTD & OOTD: Nude Pinks & Denim Blues

I've got so much in store to post, most topics beauty related (I hope you like! :) You might have already seen the majority of these upcoming images on my Instagram (or should I say one pic or collage per topic). In case you've also got an account follow me there easily by clicking the link on sidebar. And yeah, I know I'm not up to date with my blog posts. But you wouldn't probably even know if I didn't mention it hehe! So no apologies this time, since this is after all my very own little sandbox and I will post here whenever it suits my schedule * wink * If I didn't have a job and life I would post all day everyday! I do love blogging, somehow Instagram just has seemed easier and quicker for me lately. So you better follow me there to stay updated in due time. But today I've got one "face of the day" and "outfit of the day" for you.

NYC eyeshadows
Body Collection lipstick "Melba"
black eyeliner - Gina Tricot cosmetics line