December 15, 2010

decor d'elle #1

Day or night, dream.

by Elle Decor

+ entertainment industry inspiration

minussa on monia eri puolia ja innostun milloin mistäkin - siksi näitä inspiraatiokuviakin on niin monia erilaisia.

i have many different sides in me and i get excited about all sorts of things - that's why there's so various inspiration photos too.

Keep on dreamin'


  1. ihana toi musta pyöree sänkykö juttu ihana!

  2. en minäkään oikein tiedä onko se sänky vai piilopaikka, mutta ihanan mystinen ja turvallisen oloinen -- pesä! :>

  3. Such amazing inspiration!
    That 6th image is my favorite :)

  4. i think it's gorgeous too, plain white is so easy to spice up with any colour you wish! :)

  5. Kiitos for you comment :))

    And this is amazing post, such lovely places :)

  6. Kiitos for visiting me aswell! :)
    yes those are just gorgeous rooms, i'm just dreaming of anything like that.

  7. So many great rooms! Mine looks the most like the all cream one, but I love the black one underneath it! The murals on the headboards of the twin beds is darling.

  8. I'd be glad to have a room like that (cream one) ! Mine is quite cluttered, lots of jewellery on the table and colours brown+white+pale pink.. and there's too much furniture for such a small room. :)
    Yep that black one is appealing, like a mysterious nest ^^