March 26, 2011

fall down 7 times stand up 8

I just wanted to wish you all a lovely Sunday tomorrow. ❤ because it is supposed to be (at least according to calendar ) SPRINGTIME ! jiihaa.

& Here's some very girly and "fairy like" inspiration. Last night I chatted with a friend of mine about A Midsummer Night's Dream so I've been thinking about summer a lot. I'd love to attend / host a party at some park, garden or forest, where everyone would dress up like fairies, nymphs, pixies or whatever - and there would be endless amount of wine, music, laughter, dancing ... ^^

(Oww and these kids in the video are so cute hahah !)

.. Dream a little

(pic 1-5 + 7 via we ❤ it. pic 6 )

( suomalaiset lukijat, olin tänään vähän laiska joten postaus tulee vain englanniksi nyt : )


  1. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for following me. I am now following you :)

  2. i love thi post! the pictures are so cute and lovely:) it wakes me want to be a balerina is some way:)

  3. This is such a beautiful post <3
    Love your blog x

  4. Thanks for your comment.
    Lovely blog and lovely pictures in this post.

  5. Roxu Heart,
    they sure are lovely. thank you <3

    jamie, exactly - love love love. ^^

    Sofiina, vui kiitos niin ne todella on. :>

    Iulia Romana, me too. Gorgeous! Women are beautiful ^^

    Fashion Fabrice aka Farah & Hanan, thank you very much :) Hih my thoughts exactly, I know it's hard career, but somehow I've always dreamed of being a ballerina.. If you look at my post "blush on my cheeks" i tell about my childhood dream job! :D

    JustLikeJasper❤ aka Becka, thanks for following ! I'm just browsing through your blog & for sure following back ! ^^

    Lace n Coffee aka Helen, thank you & so nice to have a new follower! <3

    x & o
    to everyone, your comments always make my day and put a huge smile on my face ! ^^ <3

  6. Lovley spread!!!

  7. These photos are soft, delicate perfection! LOVE!

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