March 18, 2011

Stolen Quotes & Thoughts

EDIT: This seems to be very popular, so why wont you comment ? :D

I don't want to steal photos from anyone. But these are some of those pictures, which original source I don't know. Gathered from we heart it, and elsewhere. They were meant just for me. But desperate times call for drastic measures. I need to share these..

So I have faced a dilemma !

Here's a piece of conversation / comments with one of my favourite bloggers & a follower of mine. One thought just popped into my head when I saw a pretty picture on her blog, found on we ♥ it -site. If you don't want to read this, just skip to the photos !

My comment:
I like that photo, very serene & fun!
I've seen it before & downloaded at my computer's inspiration file. <3
Hmm, too bad we don't know where it is ORIGINALLY from ? photos travel so fast via tumblr and we ♥ it .. so I kind of feel like if I should or shouldn't publish these, without knowing the very first source.. ?
I'm not sure, just thinking :) hmm if one of my or your or anyones photos was someday used at some huge add campaign and you wouldn't get paid for it! ;) haha.

Her response:
the way i see it is that most bloggers use them in their blog/tumblr which are more like scrapbooks or collections of things they admire. they aren't making any big moolah out of it. i try to credit the source from where i found the pic but sometimes its just not there but i end up sharing the pic coz i figure its harmless. as for artists not getting paid for their pics used in big ad campaigns, i doubt that happens. the copyright laws are pretty stringent and no big company would use someone's pics without their prior knowledge unless they want to pay huge sums of compensation money in the future.  

Thank You for your response. I'll send my answer to your blog aswell :) I agree with you on many of those things. I love collecting my own personal inspiration file and sometimes even publishing those, if they match with my subject. I just want personally to know WHO has taken / made this lovely photo! :) I'd want everyone to know where the picture is from and go to that original place in the internet. You (i don't & didn't mean you you, i mean people in general - but it's easier for me to use "you" sentences, well i'm not a native english speaker:)) You wouldn't publish e.g. music without naming the performer, would you :)

There's always a possibility that misuse might take place, and will, today's wide world of web gives opportunities too easily for this. For example a beautiful blog about Mila -baby's daydreams! <3 It was so unfortunate and broke everyone's heart that some company took those photos of a sleeping baby, surrounded by all kinds of different sceneries, and they made banners etc. from those! You see your own baby, advertising something. It felt so bad to hear this because you should have a copyright to your own child - oh how odd did that sound! My point on the ad campaign -comment earlier was this. What would you feel when you saw photo of you kissing with your ex, printed on coffee mugs ;) Not that you should demand money for it, but it just doesn't seem completely ok.

Don't mean to offend anyone, or tell them not to post pics without knowing the 1st source / naming only the place where you found it. Google. We ♥ it. some blog :) I've tried to find the original source of photos, but the chain of links from tumblr to another is neverending! :D Which is also GOOD. There can never be too much inspiration ! I guess that comment of mine had something to do with a course I have at school about copyrights & stuff :D

These things are pretty close too, because I have worked with artists and want to support their work. Lovely photos are a form of art too. <3

--- --- ---

So, here they are. Some of the quotes and lovely thoughts, that I've gathered together from various sites in the internet.There's so much overstressing about things in the world,  I guess my little blog wont do no one harm. Or does it? :) Small springs join together as huge streams. If someone feels offended that their / someone elses photo is here without their permission, I'll remove it immediately.

I'll stop my overstressing about certain things now.. Or maybe tomorrow. At least I'm constantly trying.

I hope these stolen sentences and pictures give someone as much reason to 
smile and feel happy, cry or feel confused as they have done with me.


  1. ^^ that one is special to me.

    (my name means fairy tale.)

  2. incredible.

    check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  3. En kyllä osaa parasta päättää, monet tosi ihania :)

  4. I V Y, I'll check up on you ASAP! ^^

    Miinam, ei mullakaan ole tuon satumaisen lausahduksen lisäksi parasta - kaikki sopivat tämän hetkiseen oloon tai ovat joskus auttaneet tajuamaan jotain itsestäänselvää :D

  5. Great inspiration!

    And I post things that I don't know where I got from sometimes as well - but I am sure to write that the source is unknown just so people know that I didn't take the picture at least. I don't want to claim ownership to something that is not mine! I used to try to track down all images I posted but it is just IMPOSSIBLE and lead me to blog-tumblr-flickr jump around for ages and none the wiser...

    Hugs and a nice weekend to you :)