March 30, 2011

to make it your own

I have spent so much time at school, at least it feels like it. Since I had no courses for January&February, I just worked. Then I was sick and couldn't attend classes for two weeks. Now I have experienced some kind of jet lag, I suppose! :D Been here from about 8 am and the day ends at 4 pm. My mind started to wander off and I found myself dream .. of doing something for my house. But where do I find the energy, time and most of all; the money!

Keep on dreaming, girl .. ^^ Maybe closer to summer!


  1. Oi ihania inspiskuvia!:)
    Mä tykkään yhdistää moderniin sisustukseen ripauksen jotain vanhaa, ja noista monestakin kuvasta voi bongata ihania juttuja :)

  2. Sofiina, mulla on aika samanlainen sisustus"filosofia". Jotain vanhaa, jotain uutta.. Jotain tyttömäistä, rustiikkia, valkoista.. mutta tarvitaan jotain kovuuttakin ja pirteyttä, ettei kodista tule ihan pilvilinna-prinsessahattara.. ^^

  3. I love at home DIY projects, they always are so fun to do and when its done it makes it so much more special that you made it yourself doesn't it? I really love that first picture! x

  4. Kristina, thanks ^^ They're all so lovely put the last one sets the mood.

    Kristy, I feel like that exactly ! I've lived 4 years on my own and done almost everything by myself.. Well, my step dad painted my last apartment's walls .. but anyways - I don't need no (handy)men! ;)

  5. hej gorgeous!=) thanks soo much for your lovely comment! the beatles bag is SO perfect!
    ..and those pictures...this is EXACTLY how my future room's supposed to look like!=D
    bisous louisa

  6. Sanam & Jenny, thank you ! Those sure are lovely ^^

    Louisa, i'm so glad you liked it! =) My hope someday my home will be something like this. Just need to get rid off old "ugly" stuff and buy or make something like these rooms instead ^^

  7. Apua tuo on aivan ÄLYTTÖMÄN nätti kuvakokonaisuus, arvaa tekeekö nyt mieli itse lähteä HETI duunista ja kirpparirundille :) ihanaa :)

  8. KIITOS <3
    ^^ kirpparilta tulikin juuri itse tehtyä aika mahtavia löytöjä esim. parvekkeelle !