April 8, 2011

eyes on you






Lily Cole /Chanel

by Bruno Dayan

<: just some inspiration photos for tonight. :>

I feel like writing in english!

I had a lovely Thursday, by the way. We went looking for a gift for my mum's godchild and it was me who found the best bargain ever in a jeweller's store! A wooden box, with a silver baby's rattle and two little metallic cases, where baby's first hair curl and tooth can be placed - aww it was so sweet, too bad I didn't have a camera. And she also bought a golden christening ring with a pink stone for the little girl
* Mikkeliläiset, Timanttisilla saa kaikesta - 30 % poislukien Nomination, Kalevala ja pari muuta:) *

Then I found the best shade of lipstick for my mum! by Revlon.
* Mikkeliläiset, Carlssonilla on niitten meikkei 4,90 kpl. *

And today I also had a job interview, which went well I think. I wasn't nervous because I know the owner of this store. It's women's clothing store, a lifestyle boutique actually, and located in the same mall as my other part-time job, at Gina Tricot. 
UniikkiK offers beautiful clothes, accessories - for all ages I think! Items are both new, from Paris etc. and VINTAGE! ^^ There's also some cool kitch-items! Love the store myself, so it would be lovely and so much fun to work there. Hih, I started to get sooo many ideas about presentation and combining different clothes and accessories.. I even got to help with the display window wow!

My evening went by with some of my friends from school, as we went to this nice restaurant Hilla, and after that to "Irish" pub. I had a hot chocolate

..and now, I think everything seems so much brighter.


  1. I am loving the picture with the giant bow! How couldn't you love a ginormous bow on your head?! She looks great. And what a great gift idea with the wooden box - I'm sure they'll love it x


  2. Hmmhmm jos ymmärsin oikein nii työskentelet GT:ssä? Ootko vieny sinne vaan hakemuksen vai mitä kautta oot sinne päässy?

  3. Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it !

    Henar <3
    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  4. Love the puzzle piece chanel bag and anything rodarte :) Beautiful pictures! Just followed you, follow me back if you'd like! xx


  5. Kristy, that's so cute I know ! :D
    I hope the family likes the gift as much as we did. There's something useful but mostly just pretty things.

    Ninni, kun Mikkeliin avattiin uusi liike -09 niin hain netin kautta ja sain osa-aikaisen paikan, koulun ohessa teen milloin vain mua tarvitaan :)

    Henar, aww thank you<3

    TCT, thank you^^ following!

  6. these are beautiful!

    Helen, X

  7. Great photos!
    I'm glad your job interview went well. That's great.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

  8. Your day sounds absolutely wonderful. :)

    Good luck for the interview!

    Love those images, the models are sooooo beautiful.

    The Cat Hag

  9. Ihana blogi, kauniita kuvia... Täällä pitää tulla käymään nyt kyllä useammin. :)

    <3 Mariella


  10. Oi ihana kuulla että tykkäät! Tervetuloa milloin vain<3
    Käyn kurkkaamassa sinunkin blogisi,
    olisi kiva vaikka seurailla toisiamme?:>

  11. Toki, ja kiva kun kävit myös vierailulla ja jättämässä viestin. :)

    <3 Mariella