April 25, 2011


Minulla on nykykulttuurintutkimuksen kurssi, jota varten teen tutkimusta faniudesta - fanituotteiden kautta ..
Klikkailkaa linkkiä lomakkeeseen jos haluatte avittaa tässä projektissa. <3 Kiitos etukäteen!

Muokkasin tätä postausta vähän & julkaisin uudelleen, koska käänsin kysymykset myös englanniksi.:>

I'm doing a research about fandom, but my questions on the form are Finnish.
If anyone would like to help me with this project feel free to take part<3
(in case you're a big fan of some band, actor, sports team, movie or something else)
What I have newly recognised is that Hello Kitty items or 
Harry Potter-fandom could be some of the things worth mentioning :D
But here are the questions. You can send your answers on my mailbox
if you don't feel like sharing them with everyone here:)

1. Your age, sex (and since you're not finnish you could name your country too.)

2. Name a celebrity/group (band, actor, movie, athlete, team or something..) whose FAN you feel like being?

3. Have you noticed any fan products of your idol?
a. I have noticed them b. I have, and also bought them. c. No I haven't and so haven't bought either.

4. If you said no, would you still like it if there would be your idol's fan products available?

5. Give reasons why:)

6. If you said that you have bought fan products, why have you bought them?

7. If you haven't bought them, why not?

8. Have you ever bought fan products of a certain celebrity/group/etc. even though you're Not their fan?

9. If you said yes, why and in what kind of situation?

Thanks if you response:) You can send the answers on my email if you feel like no one else can't see them.


  1. I hate sports but I love The Kills and I love Kirsten Dunst and I love so much more! I can help you if you like ;)