April 11, 2011

left my heart home

owl city - vanilla twilight

Kyselin lukijoilta jokin aika sitten aihetoiveita, joista kertoisin / mitä kuvaisin.
Eniten ääniä sai kotini, joten tässä tulee ensimmäinen osa.
Kyselkää vapaasti tavaroista tai mistä vain, mikä kiinnostaa
& mitä tulee mieleen ! ^^

Some time ago I asked you readers about 
your wishes on my posts, what to tell / photograph. 
The most voices of them all got My home, so here's the first part. 
Feel free to ask about my stuff or anything, you find interesting 
& what comes up in your mind! ^^

.. Kitchen is the heart of each home? :)


  1. What a sweet home! I like this effect in the photos as if they were a century old. I will also learn how to do that! ;)

  2. Thank you so much, you're too kind <3 It's just a home to me, in need of so much repairing ! But it's rented, so I can't do much myself.

    I've made these effects with PhotoScape-programme, it's downloadable for free if you google it:>