May 19, 2011

green thumb - in the middle of my hand

I guess I got rid of my kiwi-phobia, or at least I managed to eat one without any kind of symptoms! :D I'm not allergic to them for sure, but there's something that creeps me out - they tickle in my mouth in a funny way, and I think I must have felt like suffocating when I was younger, because I don't like to eat them .. Interesting!

I was feeling pretty energetic one day and decided to change the moulds of my two house plants. I'm no gardener, so someone else would have done a better job with them.

Anyhow, first took everything out of the pots - all of the mould ! because the same had been there ages and I'm not sure if you're allowed to shower the roots.. but I felt like cleaning them up a bit.. It would have felt too revolting to use any of the old mould, it was so old and wet and ..yack !!!

I put some rocks on the bottom of each pot (I visited a nearby playground to collect them!) and then a little bit of new mould.

Then I just placed the plants back in to their pots and added more mould. 

Some TLC.. I mean water!

Hmm I don't know what's going on upstairs every day, but there has been all kinds of noises - ever since I moved in and happening just now aswell. Yelling, running, weird rolling sounds ( maybe from a ball that their dog is playing with?), loud glam rock which I don't love so much, stomping like giants, banging nails or something in weird rhythm like they're trying to make music, and loud arguing before 8 am about nonsense .. What a lovely peaceful home I have. Well there's something positive about it - I'll never feel lonely! :D


  1. Ahah I actually know what you mean about kiwis; I think they're just so...acidic? that it sometimes tickles/bothers the top of my mouth a bit. Is that what you're talking about? Anyway, I enjoy them :p

  2. haha I LOVE THE FIRST PIC :)
    great post !!


  3. Yeah I mean the tickle ! :D I don't know why I don't want to eat them (they're delicious !) and it wasn't too bad this time -- it doesn't feel as "brightly" acid as lemons or something but there's just something off.. it's phobia ! :D

    Thanks Kristina! ^^