May 20, 2011

when i was in shadows you pulled me clear

housut - KappAhl kids - trousers
rusettipaita - MicMac - shirt with bow
neule - Domino (Riga) - cardi
kaulakoru (tiimalasi) - GinaTricot - necklace (hourglass)

Hahaa I did a little treasure hunt a couple weeks ago in my dad's storage, and look what I found; a tv- & computer-chair! LoveLove. It used to belong to my grandma <3 She had this in her summer cottage, which was almost ten years ago, and has been out of use ever since she past away. Now this colourful lovely creature finally has a purpose : she's part of my home.

I had this outfit on exactly a week ago.  

I think that night changed my life a bit... a lot. 
Friday the 13th of May 2011.