June 7, 2011

million faces million phases

Vanha asu.
Hupsista, kaikki oli Gina Tricotista! :D

Mutta tänään pitkän työpäivän (itseasiassa kahden työn!) jälkeen
päätin hakea nouto-kiinalaista, ja rentoutua loppuillan.
TV:stä tuli MTV Movie Awardsien uusinta, jota katsoin hetken,
ja sitten Supernaturalin poikii ♥ Huomenna on uusi (työ)päivä.

Old outfit.
Woops, everything was from Gina Tricot! :D

But today after a long day at work (or actually, two works!) 
I decided to pick up some take-away chinese, 
and relax the rest of the evening. 
There was re-run's of MTV Movie Awards on TV, that I watched a bit, 
then Supernatural's boys. ♥ Tomorrow is another (working)day.


  1. Lovely outfit, love the bits of pink.

  2. Thank you <3 Yep, sometimes I tend to use pink a lot and other days I hate it ;)


  3. I love your shelf in the backgroung! I saw a white one like it in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, and I've wanted one ever since:) xx

  4. Ohh really, well I've only seen the first part of the movie so I didn't even know :> I got the shelf from my friend, probably from Ikea or something like that.