July 26, 2011

leo coral feathers leather diamonds wood whites

Now playing: music by Bon Jouni (found them on Spotify).
+ here's his myspace

acoustic, alternative, folk .. moody, melancholic a bit, but beautiful.. 
nice easy-listening with meaningful words. 

I hope some of you listen & enjoy like I did this evening ! ^^


That headline says it all I guess.

Top, knit and earrings  /Gina Tricot
bag, trousers /second-hand
 shoes /H&M
wooden necklace ? Lindex ? i think. old.

Then I started listening to Eleonoora Rosenholm ! HOW FUN ! Love her attitude. :D

xx bye now xx


  1. Leopard!! *O* I'm so jealous of you, you can buy in Gina Tricot! earrings are amazing. and btw, I love the Carpe Diem in the prev. post.
    Have fun today!

    Undisclosed Behaviour

  2. satu-sulkahullu! ^^

    Lau, yep we have the shop in my hometown and we can also order from their website..i'm also working there, so i buy a lot of their clothes :D i don't actually know which countries they deliver to! :o

  3. Stunning outfit, casual but chic :)

  4. Those feather earrings are really cute. So Hippie chic!
    Can't wait for Gina Tricot to come to Berlin.
    Best wishes ♫

    Midnight Couture Girls

  5. Thank you very much. :) I love them,had them on last weekend at these danve festivals and managed to keep them safe somehow! :D

    I hope you get it soon, it's my favourite shop. <3