August 2, 2011

Reaching for something new

I thank you all sweet people of your comments. Right now all I have with me is my mobile phone, and answering to all of you would probably get quite stressful ! That's why I'll get back to all of you as soon as I'm back home :)

It's snowing and wind blows from North. I've wrapped myself with layers of fur and wool, on my way to see my little sister by train. Listening to Paloma Faith, Deep Insight (finnish group) and multiple other artists, that my phone plays randomly. Sceneries are nothing but white, feels like I'm in Narnia. Quite beautiful but so cold. We've finally got "The Real Finnish Winter", oh boy am I glad or not. Really, not. I'd rather be dancing and prancing around summer festivals or relax at our cottage, swim and sunbathe, eat fresh strawberries and sip some cider. Sounds too lovely to be real, and so I can just dream.

Well yesterday we did search for some flights to Malaga with my mum, but that possible trip wouldn't be until April. Dreams dreams dreams.

If it was spring, here's something I would wear.
Photos are from last summer :)


top & jeans /Gina Tricot
leather belt /vintage

+ my lovely bird painting gift on the wall. :>

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