February 13, 2012

And everything is beautiful.

lapko - please need me.

automatic eye - away from sunshine.

disco ensemble - protector.

rubik - laws of gravity

some finnish rock / indie music. :]

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  1. such a cute blog! i am now following you back www.fashionfootprints.blogspot.com

  2. Hei jee jos sä Lapkosta ja Rubikista tykkäät nii mun on pakko mainostaa hävyttömästi tässä oman miehekkeen bändiä, Itkevä Tyttö! :D Jonkun verran ovat tehneet yhteistyötäkin Lapkon poikien kaa ja kaakao records on indiepiireissä arvostettu vaikka onkin hirmu pieni levy-yhtiö :) Tsekkaa http://www.itkevatytto.fi/ ja/tai http://www.youtube.com/user/itkevatytto :) (kiitos ja anteeks :D)

  3. lovee your blog it looks soo cute!! :) i likee the colours :)

  4. Amazing photos! Love your blog! Will listen to the songs now :)

  5. Hello :)

    Yes, I'm Swedish but my parents are Finnish (that's why my name is Niina and not Nina). So I actually understand Finnish quiet good..I can't write in Finnish though (I'm horrible at spelling! All the a's and i's and k's confuse me haha).

    And I'm always up to new friends!


  6. ooh this is so different! thanks for sharing! :) x

  7. Thanks for sharing your music! Love it all!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Hey you,
    We've got another DJ working for our radio station (www.radiostonefm.de)who plays a lot of finish rock bands and music during his programm. He lives in Berlin and ist married with a Finish woman.
    Maybe you like to look at his (Mikko's) playlists(you have to use the filter function) http://www.radiostonefm.de/playlists

    The first Tuesday 20h every month is his hour. If you want to, tune in and enjoy.

    Greets Sunstorm