August 18, 2011

don't give in i can feel your pain

festival season is pretty much over, but here's one look i had on many times.

poncho & velvet shorts - KappAhl
earrings - Gina Tricot
some sale items i've found. earrings were only 1,90 € and poncho, shorts & a shirt total ~ 35 € 
(take 3 sale items pay 2 so the cheapest one; shorts were free).

this with other feather earrings and gladiator sandals was my Summer Sound - festival look.


  1. Love that top, and great for festivals indeed :)

  2. I love that poncho!! and I'm not gonna say anything about the earrings but.. (L)

    Undisclosed Behaviour

  3. o^^o <--that's me with blushed cheeks.

    hihi! thanks girrrrls ! :> ♥

  4. Your poncho looks so comfy. xx

  5. I adore that outfit, so perfect for summer =)

  6. this outfit is gorgeous <3 .
    thanks for your comment btw x

  7. Awwww. ^^ thank you all ♥ *blush

    Ashley, that poncho is made of cotton or something so it's not too warm but I could manage just with it even at summernights :)

    Thanks Lidiya, I think so too and maybe I'll use it with long sleeved shirt and trousers even later this year !

    Jeena, thank YOU, for always making me smile with your kind words. ^^ ♥