August 29, 2011

jump in action


miten outoihin asentoihin sitä vääntelehtiikään !?
how weird postures can you twist into !?

Erään vapaapäivän rento asu. 
Tänään olikin sitten jo eka koulupäivä, tai sellainen uudistuneeseen kampukseemme tutustuminen 
& lukukauden avajaistilaisuus. Kävin kotimatkan varrella kahvilla (ja porkkanakakulla!) pomon kanssa :> Huomenna alkaa tositoimet, itse kurssit.
Relaxed outfit of one day off. 
Today was the first day of school then, or actually more like getting to know the new and improved campus area & opening ceremony of new semester. On the way home I went to have a cup of coffee (and a piece of carrot cake!) with my boss :> Tomorrow the deal real begins, actual classes.

uusi kirpparilöytö-haalari (Gina Tricot)
my new second-hand jumpsuit (from Gina Tricot)

lasit - Pieces (second-hand) - glasses
neule - ONLY - knit


on the background

niittilaukku - Gina Tricot - stud bag
kukkalaukku - vintage - floral bag

Taas yhden uuden viikon alku, vihattu maanantai selätetty ! ja mä katson Gleetä :D

Again another beginning of the week, the hated Monday forced to fall ! and I'm watching Glee :D


  1. Onpa ihana haalari, oikein rennon ja mukavan näköinen. :)

  2. Hi Satu! :D
    How was your day of presentation? (:
    The fact that your jumpsuit is gorgeous, and I think that color of the flowers gives a romantic touch:)
    Hope you everything goes well: D

  3. Daphnion,
    kiitti se on niiin mukava ! ^^

    Maria, thanks it went well. We had WAY too much free time, though :/ got bored a bit..
    Thank you so much dear! ^^

  4. Hello darling!
    It's been forever!
    You look super adorable in this jumpsuit, and your glasses are great!

  5. your blog is adorable! I love that you like a variety of styles, from studs to florals. i hope you'll stop by to see my inspiration as well :) Keep up the good work!


  6. Rachel, it sure has been ! Too bad "i lost you" for a while, but I'm glad now you have more clothing etc. in your new blog. ^^
    Thank you, I'm not really used to wearing the (image) glasses yet, but maybe some other day again. They were only 2,5 euros and bought them for fun, mostly ^^

    Thanks girls! ^^ I will ♥

  7. Great pictures... very nice... check me out

  8. such a cute outfit (: .xx x

  9. oooh this jumpsuit is amazing!!!
    I love it!!!

  10. ^^ awwwwww thank you very much everyone!


  11. You look so adorable, and your bright smiles,so cute!these pics are delightful to see with your naughty work,nice print...

  12. Thanks for all your pics here...It would be really nice if you take your spare time to check out my blog and follow back if you like it.. :D

  13. you look so cute in that jumpsuit!

    i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for some fashion illustration cards, hope you'll check it out!