August 9, 2011

my marsmallow!

Kymmentuntinen, sateinen mutta erittäin tehokas ja mukava talkootyöpäivä Jurassic Rockin "kylttitehtaalla" sai ihanan päätöksen, kun postikasan päällimmäisenä odotti minua pikkuinen kirjekuori!

Kiitos vielä kerran Iduskalle
Voitin hänen bloginsa arvonnasta tämän Delikalas:in söpöläisen! ^^

 ''Hi Satu. here's your own marsmallow friend, i hope you find use to it. 
Congratulations to the winner! with big ♥  Iduska''

After a rainy but very efficient and nice 10 hour voluntary work at Jurassic Rock's "sign factory" got a lovely ending, when I came home and a little envelope was there waiting for me on top of the post pile!

Thanks again to Iduska ♥
I won this Delikalas' cutie from her blog's giveaway! ^^

[huomaa maalitahrat. / notice the paint stains.]

{ wow, long & eventful & wonderful Tuesday. }
Have a lovely Wednesday tomorrow.
{ I'll be going to HELSINKI with my friend for a one day trip! ^^ }


  1. Thats very cute!

    Lots of Love,

  2. cute, i love the way it looks like a piece of candy!!


  3. it's sooo cute! congrats <3.xx

  4. wow i looove your blog! It's so amazing, I really enjoy reading trough it.
    I'm a follower now.
    xx.Anh from tha.Darlinh

  5. ^^ it IS sooo cute and I could just eat it ! all thanks to iduska & delikalas.

    thanks Jeena:>

    Oh thank you Anh, ♥ welcome aboard! ^^