August 23, 2011

there's time to smile and then there's time to think

I received a lovely award from Ninja and Maria
I have so many gorgeous readers and I follow too many blogs, and this time 
I think I am not able to decide which ones (15 to be exact) deserve this award the most.. 
I'll just say that this is for all of you dear people who entered this page and liked what you saw 
- my little blog called Indie by Heart. 
Love ya. :)

the rules are:
Link back to the person who gave you the award. [check]
Complete the form below. [check]
Tell seven random things about yourself. [check]
Nominate 15 bloggers. [mmm not, sorry]

{ I'll answer according to my current mood
not necessarily would say all the same things tomorrow }
Name your favorite color?
{ obsessed much? new shorts, dress, already have a BarryM nailpolish.. well i just love it.. and i want jewellery with stones or something with mint tones next ! }

Name your favorite song?
lapko - summer nights
{ just because i dream those would never end. and of course, i love the band and still feel bad about missing their gig few weeks ago !! stupid festival organizers grrrr. }

Name your favorite dessert?
  yesterday i loved jaffa-cookies.
{ bought a package of them to work and can't stop thinking about eating the whole thing now. but i love cupcakes, cheesecakes, warm chocolate chip cookies with milk .. rarely eat any of these, though ! I love ice cream and smoothies more. }

What pisses you off?
  two-faced people. dishonesty. 
{ i faced both of them last month and i have NEVER in my life been so pissed off. felt extremely hurt, cried a lot, but mostly i was just amazed and almost laughed at the whole thing - just that ridiculous and pointless the incident was. i just felt so sorry for the other half; how low can some small hearted people go. murrr. }

When you're upset you?
i may cry or yell or mope a bit.. mostly mope.
{ slam the door like the worst kind of teenagers. well i'm not so grown up yet. hmm this always depends on the matter and who i'm upset to. }

Your favorite pet?
 never had one.
{ only shared a home with a cat once. and i used to have an aquarium when i was little, i had one fish as my own but he died pretty soon i think.. i'd love to have a cute little or HUGE dog sometimes! maybe a kitten.. i don't really know since i've never really had the opportunity to get one. maybe when i'm retired hihi ! }

Black or white?
{ i think i own more black clothing and stuff than white, but i'd like to change that a bit. white is pure and clean and fresh and all the things that black really is not and i also want things - meaning the interior - to clear up a bit in this house. so i've been buying all these white items lately. }

Your biggest fear?
{this may sound very lame or used .. but, since it's true: my boyfriend is in the army right now, and not a day passes without me wondering whether he's gotten shot at or their truck is stuck in the ditch again.. well losing a dear person is my biggest fear. it happens, we all must leave some day. but sudden departures are the worst kind. }

Your best feature?
i like my small feet and wrists - odd, ha!
{ inside.. empathy. }

Everyday attitude?
  "so what?" if something goes not-so according to plan. there's always plan B.
{ nowadays, quite anticipatory; always waiting for something, or someone actually. for the next or the other weekend. and at the same time i'm quite happy, optimistic at least. content. adapted to the situation. everything is quite ok really. }

What is perfection?
little things, found during ordinary life.
{ that moment at night, when you go to bed and straighten your legs. aaah! also, waking up and seeing a smiling / sleeping cute face next to you. and since i'm such a shopaholic freak of nature, finding a thing that you've been searching for a long time and it's on sale or sold at the fleamarket for a ridiculous price, hihi. or after cleaning up the house completely free of clutter (and the furry balls hanging around -- they're my dearest pets really ! and feeling so good about yourself. simple things. }

Guilty pleasure?
if i understood this correctly, chocolate with a salty liquorice filling. 
{ no wait, chips! i'm not supposed to eat them at all since i have this thought in my head that too much salt causes sellulite .... :D and i told this to my love, and he reminded of me it once in a grocery store when i thought about buying them - so nowadays i always practice self-control ! :P doing quite well actually. although i slipped a bit esterday since my little brother wanted to have pringles with transformers-movie.. but they're not really chips, they're.. sawdust?!? }

7 random things:

I have told so many things already, but I guess I'll think of something more..

i have too big house for just myself. 60 square meters with sauna, balcony .. too good to be true for a student. but since this is quite cheap one and close to the center of the city, i don't really mind. my way to school just doubled or tripled this summer, next week i'm gonna have to remember that i'm not going to make it in 5 min !

i loved my boyfriend already 5 years ago. we were only friends for a little time then, hang out a lot for about 5 months.. and to my diary (which i writed for a little while when i moved out of my mum's house:) i wrote mostly about him, and how i really felt but never had the courage to tell. we were from totally different friend groups, he's an athlete and plays music, and a little younger than me, and he had many other friends who started to take even more out of his time.. and i guess our friendship grew apart just because it had to. "sometimes you have to lose a loved one to be with him in the end. " or at least i've read a quote with a meaning  like that. we saw each other only occasionally, then not at all. we've lived in the same town all these years (four) but our paths have never crossed - until we met again this year, it was may  .. friday the 13th.
well, i know how lame this might sound, but reading these thoughts a little over 3 months ago with him was very odd and at the same time very natural situation.. and made us immediately much closer. like we were never even apart.

  i watched V for Vendetta last night (on tv). i might seem a sweet little girl to some, but really i'm quite versatile - movies, music .. sometimes the harder the better. :D when we visited my sister's boyfriend some weeks ago we watched this horror movie the Catcher. it was so horrible but at the same time i loved it since  it was that creepy and disgusting ..! weird girl, twisting around on the sofa like it was me who was getting hurt and not the hero of the movie, and at the same time liking the whole thing. it's completely possible trust me.

i have so much clothes ( would have you guessed :D ), and even though they're all nicely in my closet i decided to buy a sign " walk-in closet " to my bedroom door.

my dad & his wife have a horse stable and i've ridden only once in my life.

if i ever get married in this lifetime, i know what i don't want my wedding to be like. just watch all the shows with bridezillas and drunken family members and aww so cute group games ..  traditional finnish wedding, not for me please..

sometimes i dream of being an awesome singer and dazzling everyone at karaoke. until then, you probably wont see me taking the stage like a Gleek. i'm not really a self embarrasment addict.. and i don't get a sadistic satisfaction of listening other people's "marvellous singing abilities" .. but if you have the ear, sing your heart out.. :> i love people with talents, may that be any kind of art..

well, there were some things. ^^
ja vain englanniksi koska olen laiska suomentamaan noin paljon asiaa.


  1. Congrats on the award. I think it's way too hard to narrow down a favorite dessert.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It is always nice to get to know blogger betters!
    Thank you :)

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  3. ^^ hih, that's true erica marie.

    thanks Vicky :> it's nice to know something about the people behind blogs and i like to share bits about me too. ^^

  4. i enjoyed reading this. the description bout your boyfriend was touching <3 .
    i think you have a lovely personality x x