September 23, 2011

changing up a bit

I felt like doing a inspiration photoset for you guys, since recently I haven't really updated my tumblr-blog (and I guess not so many of you even follow me there:) In case you want to, click here my loves !

all sources can be found from my tumblr.
if you see a picture that belongs to you, and you wish to be credited, e-mail me at

that address works for any other inquiries aswell.

 FaLl FevEr

so what did you think?
should i do these more often or stick just to my own stuff ?
i used to make inspiration posts a lot, but felt a bit ashamed 
for not knowing the rightful owners of the photos.. 
well, i guess there's no harm ? since everybody does it.. or.. let me know what your thoughts are.

loads of ♥


  1. i think it is cool, i liked it. Those ripped jeans are so cool and so is that rainbow hair.

  2. hi my love!

    I'm so sorry I've been MIA the past few months.. oops! I think you should do inspiration posts if you like doing them. That's the whole point of blogging right? for it to be for yourself? I always feel a bit guilty too when I don't have the source for a photo but that's the trouble with the internet and things being so widely shared. On that note though, I love your own posts too so whatever makes you happy really!

    I've had a great time catching up on all of your posts. I've missed you xx

  3. These are great! I love that your name means fairy tale! That is such a cool anecdote! x

  4. Such amazing inspiration! <3



  5. ehdottomasti nämä on kivoja :)) ihanaa úppoutua kauniiden kuvien maailmaan! :P

  6. i like the idea of sharing inspiring photos , this is the first time i visits your blog

    i adores it , and i love the font you use

    the blog header itself caught my eyes with amusement , i just love it

  7. So pretty photos ! Your blog is amazing, I follow you !
    See you soon, xoxo.

  8. Amazing pics! I love the nailpolish in the first one :)

    Also, the hair of the girl on the last picture is great.

    It would be great to follow eachother indeed, I'll follow you!

    XO, Imke

  9. LOVE the colorful hair! So pretty :)) All the images are lovely.

  10. Ohh love the first picture, cool!!! Great photos, love it! Thx for sharing :)

    xo Emma

  11. Oh My God, This Is So Good!

    Lisa <3

  12. I love this! It just made me feel really happy :) xx

  13. I love all those pics! So I say yes do the inspiration pics!

  14. Thank you all so much for your comments and especially opinions! ^^ There might be some more inspiration posts coming up, depending on my moods ;)


  15. You look beautiful :)
    Love everything!

  16. Amazing !!

    I really hope you can go to my blog , I've got a little award there for you ! :)

    Much love , Riim

  17. Hey! I love your inspirations! The last pic is amazing! I want this hair!!