September 5, 2011

from the sherwoods

Ja tällaista minulla oli edellisen postaukseni takin alla.
Jostain syystä asusta tuli mieleen keskiaikaiset talonpojat, 
ehkä vyö ja neule tekivät sen olon,
And this is what I wore under the coat of my previous post.
For some reason this look made me think of medieval peasants, 
maybe it's the belt and the knit that gave me the feeling.

top&leggings/gina tricot
knit/made by my mum ♥
cross necklace made of gina tricot:s earrings
wooden "tooth" old, from Lindex maybe?


  1. Ooohhhh my goodnesss! I love the way you've layered that little vest, it looks so snuggly!! And, I can't believe you made that necklace out of earrings!! I just did a DIY on my blog too that you might like! big koala hugs from Australia. xx mandy

  2. Thanks Nina ! ^^

    Aww many many thanks Mandy! ♥
    I must come check it out asap. :> hihi,thanks for the hugs! xx

    Thanks Grace :) ♥

    Must say greetings to my mum ! ;)