September 22, 2011

peppery paprika

i often make food for myself from random things that i gather together from the fridge.
there were some unripened cheese (pepper flavoured), edam, half a pepper/paprika and some left over chicken 
- this is what i came up with, and it was so simple to do yet delicious! ^^

teen monesti itselleni ruokaa sekalaisista asioista jotka kerään yhteen jääkaapista.
siellä oli vähän pippurituorejuustoa, edamia, puolikas paprika ja edellisestä ruuasta ylijäänyttä kanaa
- tällaista sain aikaiseksi, ja se oli niin helppo tehdä mutta herkullista! ^^


  1. oh yeah! I know, it's really delicious! yummi

  2. Very rich!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  3. wow, looks yum! now your making me hungry. should probably eat some breakfast.:)

  4. yumm

    as for me , lol i often just eat whatever i can find in the fridge even if its cold LoL sometimes i am just too lazy to make anything or to even heat up the food which i took out straight from the fridge * shh