September 10, 2011


I got a lovely "Sunshine Award" from Marcela !

Thank you, gorgeous.
The questions are pretty same than on the one I recently did, but that's ok 
- I'll do this anyway, this time with only one word each!

the rules:
-give thanks to the person who gave you this award 
-write a post about it
-answer the questions
-pass it to 10 bloggers who you like and send them a message to let them know

favorite color? jade
favorite animal? deer
  favorite number? 13
   favorite drink? ice tea
 facebook/twitter? fb
 your passion? good food :D
giving/getting presents? giving
favorite pattern? baroque
favorite day? friday
favorite flower? peony

I never have the energy to go through all my bloglist in order to complete these things
and awarding 10 - 15 blogs I love. 
I would rather give this to everyone I follow ! :x

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