November 26, 2011

Is It True?

I got a comment from one of my fellow bloggers, saying that Google will end Friend Connect soon!
Is that really happening or is this a joke .. ?! Oh dear.. :D

Well I'm trying to gather as many of you as possible to my Bloglovin'.
I just don't want to lose all my favourite inspiration sources for fashion & home, 
and some of you I might even consider friends - that much we are in contact.
So don't be mad if I end following you via Google. It's simply because of this, 
and that it hasn't even been working correctly for a LONG time. 
I don't get all the updates from you and some of you aren't visible on my list of followed blogs
- even though I can see my profile on the GFC gagdet on your blogs. 

This seems like a HUGE project and I'm sorry if I lose someone.

Let's stay in touch.

* some friends, wine + cider & cheeses tonight ! YUMMY


  1. That's so crazy! I think I just followed you by Bloglovin', but I don't know for sure because I can't read Finnish.:P Just in case, your blog will be on my blogroll from now on. I don't want to lose you, hehe.:)

    Oh, yes, I'm a fan of Elvis. He's worth a listen. Go for a best of collection to start. That's my preffered way (or youtube)because all of the catchiest songs are in one place. "Blue Christmas" is perfect for this time of year. I'm just like you: a summer and autumn (even spring)girl. I get all argumentative when people who live in more southerly places start waxing poetic about winter. xx

  2. whaat? siis että googlen kautta ei enää kohta voi seurata?! ihan paskaa, sanon minä. en tykkää bloglovinista ja murjotan :( mulla on toiminut toistaiseksi ihan hyvin, mutta siskolla katoaa jatkuvasti blogit seurailulistalta, aina kun kirjautuu niin joutuu etsimään blogit uudestaan :(

  3. p.s löysin bloglovin tilini ja blogini oli siellä hienosti omissa blogeissa, eli kyllä sitä varmaan sitäkin kautta pystyy seuraamaan...?

  4. Oh no!! I suppose I'll need to get on bloglovin then asap....

  5. I hope it doesnt end! Google is so confusing :]
    I found your blog and i like it! I love indie everything! so... it seems as though i must follow you!
    follow me back?

  6. Oh no this is terrible!!!! Don't lose me!


  7. WOW that's crazy! Is it true???????? Love your blog btw x

  8. wow cool!
    I ask you if follow me here because google give me a problems :((


    My Free Choice

  9. pakko olla paskapuhetta! :D ainakin toivon niin! mulla on osa lemppareista bloglovinissa siks että se päivittyy aina meiliin, jos en pääse pitkään aikaan lukeen niin ne odottaa sielä koko ajan :)