November 28, 2011

Love the Originals? Well Try These Out

#1 blue foundation - eyes on fire
is one of the best songs from the twilight soundtracks.

#2 la roux - bulletproof
just such a cool artist!

#3 Jason Derulo - Whatcha say
and this is a cute one!
originally by the amazing Imogen Heap (song Hide and Seek, listen that one!)

#4 requiem for a dream. great movie, and the original song just gives me creeps.
this wasn't as sad as the original, but don't listen this one in case you want to keep your happy mood.

#5 and a little bit of Bieber Baby :D oh gosh....
i think this remix was too cute to not to be published, i liked it! ^^

I hope you enjoyed at least some of these.

There's so many music styles that interest me, but in electronic music area dubstep and drum n' bass might be the favourites. I'm really not into euro-trance-pop or things like that, yack !
mmh but I find myself thinking that not so many mainstream pop-artists are my thing.
i don't listen to radio that often because there's too much talk and too little good music.
and i'm a bit lazy to turn the music on everyday from my phone or CD's either
- and i wonder why because it gives such a boost, listening to sounds you love and which make you happier.
And in case you wonder why I don't post the video windows;
I don't like to look at them myself. They can be a bit distracting, take your concentration away from the most important thing: which is the music. Yesterday for instance, I watched some videos which felt really corny with the dancers prancing around and the overly happy singer .. but when I just listened -- it was pretty great song!

* I hope to publish some looks soon. It's hopeless to try to use mobile phone.
And there hasn't even been any time in the morning to photograph good looks.


  1. fabulous post :) you have a great blog! definitely following your blog! hopefully you will follow mine back :)

  2. As always lots of great tunes!

    Also loved your interiors post - the carpe diem cushions are cute!

    Hope all is well beautiful.

  3. Wow very cool blog you have Satu! with loads of beautiful inspiration pics!


  4. Amazing blog <3 <3

    If you like my fanpage you can win an O.P.I. nail lacquer! Good luck ;)