November 17, 2011

My Part in Package Pal Party

Have you ever had a random idea of sending a package of nice things to a complete stranger, 
someone who you might have not ever met or who lives in a totally different country? 
Well this happened to me. 
I had been reading Gentri Lee - blog for some time, when I noticed that she wanted to host even bigger package exchange than 
among two people ! Click here to see a better explanation  :) 
I have had a pen pal as a kid, but never been anyone's Package Pal, which means that you send maybe something local, pretty and useful to a person living far away. You have met via each others blogs or something, and want to get to know each other little better.
So this sounded like a pretty amazing idea, and even nicer that many bloggers would take part in it at the same time and 
I would get to know them a little bit too! Many birds with one stone ^^

This sure is 
Package Pal Party!

In my package exchange USA met a small part of Northern Europe! 
As my readers already know, but in case you are here for the first time: My name is Satu, I'm a 24 year old
girl from Finland and the hostess of this little blog. My package pal was Jessica, 
behind the beautiful blog Sunny Days & Starry Nights
We got to know each other a little bit, things we like and what would be nice to get from each other 
- since we live in different continents there must be something that I or she had never tasted, for example. 

It was so fun to search for different kind of Finnish and girly things to send for her to Kentucky, and to pack up them nicely. 
My gift turned out to be a lot smaller than hers: I got a HUGE surprise from my pal that was like an early Christmas present! 
I received loads of all things good, like Halloween-candy and baking stuff, plus a fashion magazine, movie, American colouring books and calendar for next year. I'm so overwhelmed and  happy about taking part in Package Pal Party, it surely was like ten birthdays combined. Many hugs and kisses to Jessica, you're the best !

Now see for yourself what we sent to each other. 

What I sent to Jessica

* Trendi - magazine
* cupcake - lipgloss
* frill, lace & pearl -brooch
* Moomin -stickers
* Marimekko Unikko (Poppy) - napkins
* Geisha - chocolate bar

the napkins + stickers

 wrapped in magazine pages :>

 Wrapped the magazine with pictures of one of my favourite Finnish singers, Jenni Vartiainen
Loved the colours of this sheet too :)

Labeled each small package;
Something delicious Finnish + girly things, 
Something Finnish + design ..etc.

+ light brown paper and silk ribbon, 
and canvas + lace mini card saying who this is for, and from who :)

What did I find in my package..

 All things delicious 
( + some only available in the USA!)

 Different kinds of delicious American things !
I had never tasted any of these, except Jelly Beans :)
Candy Corn and chocolate from Kentucky were my favourites of the candies, yum !
And peanut butter, totally new experience. Sinfully delicious chocolate bars.
What's missing from the photo's is set of Halloween candy rings. 
I took photo of them before gave them to my little brother as a Halloween gift, 
but the photo wasn't good at all when I uploaded it on the computer.. Murr. 
Well they were all things creepy: a witch, a bat, two skulls and Halloween-pumpkins :)
 I ate the bat!

More from USA

 My very first Marie Claire (and one of my favourite actresses on the cover!). These can be found in Finland, but they seem to cost a lot. It was super nice to finally read it.

I love you New York-movie, beautiful NY - postcards and some American dollars - yippiee I'm rich ! hihi !

 calendar of National Parks, and other "paper items :) "

Only From Kentucky

 chocolate, lovely card from Jessica, and Corvette

Halloween stuff !

Peanut Butter - pumpkin shaped chocolate bars, marshmallow -lollipop, Halloween game,
and another lovely card from Jessica <3

Style & Fashion

 Here's the fashionable things: the magazine again, Yankee candle -Christmas cookie flavoured lipbalm, 
pretty blue leopard silk scarf that can be used in carious ways (belt, headband, tie..), 
and cool coin purse (where the money was).

Baking stuff!

Oh these were so great!
I also got Martha Stewart - labels to mark spice containers etc. They were nice, and already in use!
I baked carrot cake (must publish post soon;) and these new baking equipment were so handy, 
I think I used all of the measuring cups here since their size suited perfectly for each ingredient: one for sugar (two largest cups I think), one for cinnamon (teaspoon) and one for salt (half teaspoon! never seen that kind of measuring spoon before! I've always just filled teaspoon half full, hih.)

Cute American & childlike stuff

So sweet colouring and activity books, I love Care Bears!
I had to put that marsmallow lollipop in this set of items too, since it belongs to childlike -stuff section. :) Perfectly suitable for adults, too - I ate it with my boyfriend on Halloween weekend ^^

Oh, know why I got a toy Corvette? 

* They're only made in Kentucky! ^^ *

Had a fabulous time partying, 
thank you Gentri 
& Jessica!


  1. You girls did a FANTASTIC JOB! WOW!

  2. Oh gosh, this is so great! Jessica so was generous!! Your gifts are lovely too! (Or course there is some Moomin in of my flatmates is Finnish and she's obsessed with Moomins!)

    I'm definitely going to have to get in on this next time around!

  3. What great stuff!
    And I agree :) It's a really lovely idea

  4. Hi thanks to your comment. I hope that you continue to follow me.

    Nice post!

  5. En enää yhtään ihmettele, että olit niin onnessas kuin sait ton paketin, ihan mahtava!! En ookaan ennen kuullu tälläsestä jutusta, että tehdään ns. tavaravaihtoa, kuulostaa mielenkiintoselle ja hauskalle idealle :)

  6. WOW, you sure did get a lot of awesome goodies!! :P and it seems to be a super sweet idea to change stuff like that. I can only imagine how big that box had to be, hehe.
    btw, I'm your follower now. hope you'll follow back :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. this packaging looks so fabulous! love the way you put everything together! perfect!
    xo TJ

  8. Hello big shout out to you

    I am really sorry it took me forever to drop by because i have been away from blog

    I fell in love with your blog instantly , because

    1. The Lewis Carol quote , thats my fav quote frm Alice in Wonderland

    2. Your blog is soo lovely and i could relate to what u write

    3. YOU HAVE AWESOME TASTE IN MUSIC CHOICE , i saw the youtube videos you shared , we shared the same passion for same kind of music taste

    how awesome is that♥

    And i am Jasmine , pleasure to know you !!


  9. Thank you so much Gentri ♥ Thanks to YOU, the hostess of this party !

    Rachel, Oh they're one of the things that many think are Japanese, but yup they're Finnish/Swedish ^^ Woow Finnish flatmate ! Some of us tend to have a slight obsession over these characters, I don't - but love the Moomin-mugs :)
    Great that you're interested, take part definitely!

    Thanks Grace, Frances, Angela, TJ, Maiken!
    Hehe the package was a pretty big carboard box ! :D

    Thanks Jasmin, sooo lovely ^^

    Responded to you & all the others on their blogs :>


  10. Ei ole totta! Mä mietin just muutama päivä sitten, että täytyy etsiä netistä jokin tällainen vastaava palvelu - olin varma, että niitä on, mutta en siis vielä ehtinyt etsiä. Kiitos, kiitos, kiitos! :)

  11. WOW nice packages OMG and sure we could follow each other just lemme know!

  12. Thanks so much! ^^

    responding to your blog. * follower for sure *


  13. so nice images <3
    thanks for your comment :)
    Yes, white Christmas is the best thing you can have.I'm looking forward to it!


  14. lovely post

  15. Oh, I loved having a pen pal way back when! What a cute idea! Even the packaging is adorable!

  16. Thanks for your comments girls! ^^

    Sofie, I hope we get it. There's no snow yet where I live :,)

    Me too Teresa, too bad we kind of lost contact.. Well I'm Facebook-friends with her now - so I think we could start anytime again hiihi ^^

  17. Oh I would absolutely love to follow each other!I follow you now :)

  18. i looooove geisha chocolate! cool pics :)

  19. You guys are so sweet! All great gifts!

  20. wow! sounds like such a great idea!! you got amazing things! the pop rocks are the best! (: and love the wrapping you did! (: