February 14, 2012

Diamonds are Forever

I found the most beautiful ring..
If I ever get proposed ro, this would be the ultimate dream coming to life.

Anjolee ♥

There's only one beautifully cut diamond -
simple, traditional model with a modern twist .. and so simply chic.
Nothing too glamorous for me.

Now that I got so excited about diamonds, I also found this gorgeous necklace 
among the Joyrney Diamond Pendants of Anjolee, called Combination.
It resembles symbol Ying & Yang, at least to me -
feminine and masculine sides. There's a really lovely story behind this: 

Anjolee ♥

"The necklace expresses the everlasting love you have. 
This design is a perfect combination of dazzling diamonds and gorgeous metal. 
There are 16 diamonds that graduate in size, halfway around the pendant, 
that link with the remaining part of the pendant
which is expertly crafted in solid gold or platinum. 
This pendant is the best of both – just like the two of you!"

Hmm, perfect gift for Valentine's maybe! 
And I have also birthday coming up, hih..

And I'm not the selfish type - of course 
I dream of giving my love something great someday, too.
He's not really the type that wears jewellery, 
but this is a piece even he couldn't resist:

Anjolee ♥
Double link men's cable bracelet, looks pretty cool in platinum! ^^
I also totally agree on the site's info about the bracelet: 
"designers have found a way to blend muscle with style!"

Awwh, you just got to love these pieces.
♫ Diamonds are a girls best friend! ♫

Have a lovely Valentine's Day !
Celebrate it with the person or people you love the most.


  1. This is an amazing post! I loooove that ring! ♥

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Xo, Imke

  2. lovely picks and gorgeous blog!
    I wouldn't (and didn't) pick this ring as the engagement one as it's not comfy enough to wear day to day but still it looks awesome!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  3. Wow, some nice pieces of jewellery! althoug I prefer bigger jewellery made of wood, stones and so on, this is nice! :)

  4. happy Valentine's, dear! :)
    everything you've chosen to show here is gorgeous. btw, I really have a problem with bracelets - I tend to break them or lose them or whatever.. bad luck I guess. I have lost some pretty awesome bracelets unfortunately.
    anyway, I hope you're enjoying your Valentine's :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. what aba amnzing proposal ring!

  6. I usually go for gold, but that's a beautiful ring. Have a lovely day! xxx

  7. This are very beautiful pieces!

  8. I love the first ring !!! I hope to have one a day...as soon as possible!!

    I follow you, I hope you follow me back
    Style shouts

  9. Thanks for your comment!!!! Start following you on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow back!!! xoxo


  10. Beautiful picks! Love your pictures. You look great together! Happy Valentine's day!! :)

    Heel in Mint

  11. love the little snowflakes!

    xoxo navy & orange

  12. Love, love the earrings...gorgeous!!

  13. Tuollaiset korut kyllä kelpaisivat :)

  14. Thanks for all the comments!
    Kiitos kommentista Tiia! :)