February 20, 2012

Yellowishly Bowed

Here I'm just showing a bit of my make up / desktop area + a casual outfit. And my face.
Haven't showed that all that much, have I, haha !
We had this huuuge bookshelf in our living room, that I have wanted to get rid off,
but after all I decided to put it into use for a while. It used to have different kind of interior objects,
books and photos on it, but couple days ago I found better place and way to use it :

I placed it next to the desktop - really handy! I put some handcraft books and materials there.
In the photo below you can see a jewellery making guide and home interior inspiration book.
The shelf is perfect for all little jars and boxes of random stuff I have.
Too bad the whole thing started to shake, don't know which screw was loose !
It was getting really dangerous, what if it swings so much to the other side
that it tips over completely .. Too scary to even think of, and it also felt too big for our living room
 so my boyfriend disassemblied it. Now we need a new shelf,
ans I'm dreaming of some really nice white sideboard actually..

Hih that's my little sewing machine, that I got when I was just a small lassie. ^^
 I did say that when I grow up, I will live in an apartment just above my mother and sew her clothes.

It could still work, but I don't think I could make any master pieces with it.
I have slightly bigger & better machine nowadays.

Oh and here are the promised face &outfit shots. :D

Don't look at my weird face -- if you can see the photo of 
a little girl in a ballerina dress .. well that's me.
It was my another dream as a child, to be a ballerina.

All clothing from Gina Tricot
(yellow top, high waisted black jeans & grey cardigan)
black bow is long, silk belt / scarf from some dress

Thank you so much for the comments & lovely feedback to my previous post.
* hugs all around! *


  1. I love the yellow top with the black bow <3 looks so cute :)


  2. that's a beautiful mirror! love your outfit, you are so cute! :)

  3. Nice pics. Cool boedhha in your closet :)

  4. Yes,I did a lot of fun :)
    Sweet top with the bow.kisses

  5. OMG! YOU are so pretty and stylish !
    You got a new follower :)
    Please check my blog ! I will be more than happy if you can follow me back !



  6. You look absolutely gorgeous there! And thank you for your sweet comments always, you're such a nice person!

    And yep, behind the guitar you see a fireplace, too bad it's not in use anymore :( I really miss the fireplace I had back home when I still lived with my mom!

    And thankyou!! Liam's a very nice guy. Couldn't wish to have anyone else as my boyfriend! He's totally not like other (stupid) boys and I love it!

    X Sanne

  7. First: A great mirrow. Fantastic. I love flats, which fit to that kind of interior.
    Second: I'm little bit jalous of you.;-) You can really wear a blouse and a bow WITHOUT looking like grandaunt Marchy....
    Greats Sunstorm

  8. Lovely outfit :)
    And the mirror is so cute!

  9. I love your outfit. The yellow is such a pretty color and I like it with the black.

  10. I love that top and your mirror is so lovely!

    xo gillie

  11. So cute. Loveeeeee thisss

    xo, www.nicolealyse.com

  12. nice post, dear :) I always enjoy home inspiration posts and your classy outfit is something I like also, especially the combination of the yellow blouse and black bow.
    btw, your mirror looks very beautiful and has this vintage touch :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  13. you are so adorable!! i always try to figure out what i can do with a piece of furniture before throwing it out :) kudos to a great shelf :) and can we talk about your eyes? very amazing and beautiful :) i hope youre well babe

    love, jamie

  14. great blog!
    have a look at mine please :)
    and if you like feel free to follow.
    thanks already!


  15. Amazing. Love the top and the bow! :)

  16. Hy lovely! Like your look too!

    Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

    Virtuosismi Chic

  17. Awesome mirror! Love your blog, it's very inspirational!

    XXX Lucie


  18. Love the top with the bow, so cute!xx

  19. Yellow and black look awesome on you my dear! I love that bow and you're super cute :)
    Thank you for stoppung by btw

  20. lovely!!! i love gina tricot, such a great and affordable brand :)
    xx romi

  21. I LOVE the yellow shirt it's fabulous! Thank you for leaving a comment at my blog!
    dimples x