March 9, 2012

All Girls Dream - Some Make It Real

I recently told you that I made some changes in the bedroom. I started making my very own vanity corner, and here is the current look of it. I still need to figure out where to put all my jewellery ! :D
This small cabinet/table is vintage, I got it from a family friend when I moved into my first own home. It has never really had a proper use, it has just looked nice and I've stashed all kinds of stuff in there. 
Now it has a brand new, more glamorous purpose.

candle lights from Pentik, wooden figurine thrifted
that white thing is Scarlett, absolutely lovely scent. And cupcake hand cream by Naughty but Nice, 
that smells like chocolate!

My makeup stash
my styling iron, hair pins etc. behind the other door.
I found that glass cake plate and ice cream cup from local recycling center, for 5 euros. 
When I saw them I already knew what I wanted to do with them - showcase my perfumes and nailpolishes :D

And then my boyfriend's side of the bed - not so cluttered as mine. Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Male" is his scent over the bedside table - lovin' it. Angel wings are from Tiimari, super sale for only 1,50 ! I took two of them actually, the other ones you saw at our living room wall.

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  1. It's really beautiful! You have a great talent for interior design ;)

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    Have a fab weekend


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico em casa"

  2. So lovely, i LOVE the mirror,
    kisses and have a great weekend.

  3. Aww so pretty! i love your decor! and the vanity corner hihi! i would love one myself! ;)

  4. I love your wallpaper, and the furniture looks really nice with all your bits and pieces :) xxx

  5. oh, I really like everything you're showing here. so lovely and inspirational. I think you have a really cool home and you have some great interior design skills ;)
    the vanity section looks beautiful as well.. with those wings and photos and everything else. awesome post overall :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. I love that wallpaper! And I love the pictures of Marilyn and Audrey. They are definitely my favorite fashion inspiration too!

  7. Juu mä oon tehny ite ne korut! Ihana meikkausnurkka sulla! :)

  8. very beautiful room love the wallpaper
    lovely post your blog is really beautiful
    im new follower of you follow back plz
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥
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  9. Such a beautiful room.

    I love the simplicity of the jumble of stuff.

    Please follow me.

  10. It looks really elegant and pretty. :)

  11. super duper cute! i love that its so feminine <3 i hope youre doing well, sweetie! have a great weekend

    love, james

  12. Beautiful! Looks so very chic and lovely :)


  13. I love your room decor, it so pretty and romantic, you're really talented at interiors! I should get you to redesign mine!

  14. wooow love it so nice mirror!!

  15. Dat engelenspiegeltje is zo mooi!

  16. Onneksi nappasit pöydän talteen - on meinaan aikamoisen ihana sisustuselementti! :)


  17. Your blog is fantastic! I'm definitely following you now!
    Wonderful pictures:)

  18. I don't know how was your bedroom before but now it looks beautiful!!!


  19. i love ur blog!i did not know about it! will be standing here as a follower for sure!! check mine!!