March 13, 2012

Gifts from Thailand

My little sister was on a two week trip to Thailand some time ago, 
and here's some really lovely things I got as a souvenir.  
Silk shawl and canvas bag with sequin elephants, so cute :) 
We also got a bag of honey roasted peanuts  
- super yummy - 
we've eaten almost all of them !  google if you want to see those heehe!

Today is my birthday
and my sister rang me this morning singing
 the "Happy Birthday" -song. It was really lovely. thank you.
 Then I went for a cup of coffee and delicious mango cheesecake with my Mum.
She insisted on buying me something from cosmetics department,
and I chose Maybelline's cute pink Color Sensational lipstick.
The shade is 132 Sweet Pink, here's couple pics from 

EDIT: One reader asked whether it's matte or glittery, and it does have a nice shine !
I will post picture of it on my lips soon.

I'm not doing anything special today to celebrate, I'll just enjoy this free time and and eat some candies.

OH and I'm almost finished with this book I'm reading, Wicked Lovely [Ilki ihana] by Melissa Marr.
 I can tell that it's so great ! I wanted to tell you something about it, but I don't want to spoil,
so just get your hands on it if you can, and even love reading. There's even a movie [coming up?]

 I should do many things more often (sew, walk around out in the nature, clean my house :D)
and reading is among them.. But I've been catching up a lot,
 for instance I read Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys [Hämähäkkijumala]
and Bridget Jones's diary just some time ago.  
Do you enjoy reading books ?

Have a nice Tuesday!
I'm catching up with your blogs & answering to all comments little by little.

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  1. Oi että tuo huivi on niin ihanan värinen! Kirkkaan oranssi on kyllä yksi mun tulevan kesän lemppariväreistä! :)

  2. Tosi kaunis huivi! :) Ihanan täyteläisen sävyinen.

  3. ..ja oikein hyvää syntymäpäivää! :)♥

  4. Thanks for the comment Linda!^^

    Kiitos kommentista Krista & Kaida. Se on kyllä aika ihana^^

    Ja kiitos ♥

  5. i love the shawl, absolutely beautiful. and happy birthday!!!

  6. Happy birthday, lovely!!!!!
    I love the top!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. Happy Bday! Hope it's awesome! Great lipstick you got! The color is so pretty!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. LOvely shawl and lipstick.

    Let's follow each other on GFC.

  9. happy b'day, dear Satu :) I hope you enjoy the day.
    lovely new goodies btw. and I think it's awesome that you have enough time to read so much. I wish I had too.. I really wish but oh well, my work simply doesn't leave me that much free time and I'm too tired after my workdays anyway. I hope I can read through at least one book in the plane while flying to Prague :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Pretty Lipstick!

  11. Happy Birthday sweetheart! May you have many more, I hope your wishes and dreams come true and may you be blessed with love and happiness! So lucky to receive such lovely presents!

  12. happy birthday!! i hope you are having a fabulous day! your sister sounds like a sweetheart and i love that lipstick!

  13. Your mom and sister sound so sweet. Happy Birthday!

    Those are lovely souvenirs. I love elephants.

  14. happy happy happyyyyy birthday! i hope it is fantastic!

  15. Great gifts, i love the lipstick color, happy Bday.

  16. Love the cute little elephant! My SIL is living in Thailand right now, right by the beach :)
    xo Jac

  17. I loove reading.. a little too much haha. and thailand, ooh thailand <3 I want to go some time one day.
    glad you like my inspiring posts; I hope you enjoy your day! (:
    xo, anna

  18. Nie photos *-*

    I love visiting your blog, very cool!
    kissing Vanessa

  19. first off.. happy birthday!! second..that purse is soo cool!

  20. the colour of the shawl is perfect, obsessed with orange at the moment

    ps. belated happy birthday!

  21. Hei onks toi huulipuna sellanen et siin on ns. kimalteita vai enemmänki matta?

  22. Happy Happy Belated Birthday :D

    Cool gifts! I love the bag. My mom got me a pretty bag from Thailand when she was on holiday... I was so obsessed with that bag. The stuff that side is so pretty!

    Oh, and a lovely lipstick shade by the way :)

  23. Happy belated birthday! Gorgeous lipstick :) xxx

  24. Pretty!!!! And Happy Birthday for yesterday :) x x x

  25. I love anything with elephants on, that bag is beautiful.

  26. Thank you all !

    Kiitos kommentista Ninni, vastaan blogiisi. :)

  27. Awww, don't you have a darling sister! She is so lovely! The scarf and bag are so beautiful - they will add the most vibrant touch to any outfit I feel. :)

    Hope you are having the loveliest day!

    <3 Mandy xx

  28. yes I do enjoy reading books.. one of th best things to do..=)
    love your blog!