March 19, 2012

Indian Chief

I'm so excited of all the feedback to my last post. 
Now I don't have enough time to respond to all those nice comments, 
but I will soon visit you all :) What's new, well our TV decided to pop.
No more movies, boohoo.. Well we need to buy new one anyways, this was really old.

I have an outfit to post today, I wore this at my friend's birthday
some time ago already. There has been so much other things in between 
so it took apparently 10 days to post this one, haha :D
Well, as you all know [or if you didn't then you'll find out now]
 I'm not a fashion blogger with daily outfits.
This is life & random style -blog ! ^^

pic 1 & 3 - my dreamcatcher
pic 2 & 4 - indian top and dreamcatcher necklace from Gina Tricot

+ you can't really tell from these photos but I have leather/wet look leggings
 and black sequin headband

Haha I tried out this picture editing software PhotoScape, that's why all these frames etc.
I had loads of fun, but it would take so much time if I always did this to my photos. 
And they might be better without any framing after al, don't you think.

pic 5 - wall art of two iconic beauties, and the necklace.

It's snowing here again.. a lot ! :[ Nooo, spring was supposed to come..
I could already see the ground somewhere, but now it's just snow!
I need to do a lot of school work today, and all week actually.
So I guess it's better to do these stuff when the weather is as bad as now, right?
On cloudy days I might be like a little goblin.
And when rays of sunshine start lighting up the days again, I'll do the same - I'll shine a bit more. :)

Have an amazing day cupcakes !

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  1. Love that dreamcatcher! The lighting in these images are just so ethereally beautiful. :) xoxo

  2. Great outfit, really love these pictures, especially the wall art. Sorry about your tv :(


  3. So beautiful photos, love that ethereal light!
    You look lovely, amazing hair!

  4. love your dream catcher!

    take this chance to break from television a bit, explore the world, read some poetry. i am a sucker for films as well, but sometimes i feel too chained to that medium.

  5. In love with the Dreamcatchers!! Totally Beaut :) x x

  6. Oh and My, I speak a little english :D

  7. great look dear!!
    super cute!

  8. omg it's snowing again where you are? I kept thinking everybody was getting too eager by wearing shorts and flip flops these past few days, but today it's 24 degrees and tomorrow it's going to be 31 degrees with humidex! Spring is here. Sorry to rub it in lol

  9. Really great ethnic look! remids me of Laura Dion's video)

  10. No TV! Bummer! Cute outfit!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  11. Love your pictures. The dream catcher is beautiful. Spring has definitely arrived here. We are already experiencing temperatures in the upper 80's.

  12. Loving the necklace! ♥ Looks so cute with that T!

    xoxo, Tara

  13. Thanks for the nice comments girls :) ♥