March 26, 2012

Our Hunger Games

Yesterday I had a movie date with my boyfriend, and we went to see The Hunger Games.
I got a feeling in the end that there might be a sequel soon.. And the book series is a trilogy after all,
consisting of  The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay - as I later discovered. 
I might have to hunt for those books .. It was a pretty exciting film - with a beautiful and talented girl / hero
and little triangle drama of course. I've wondered for days [after seeing the first commercials] who that blonde
 teenage boy "Peeta" is, I'm sure I've seen him somewhere before. A little help from the Imdb and yep, 
his name is Josh Hatcherson and he acts in the movie Journey to the Center of the World - which I saw 
maybe a month ago from TV! :D Haha. I seem to have a nice face memory.
EDIT; some opinions
After reading all these posts and comments about the movie, I feel even more happier that I haven't read the books yet. It's more fun to get something MORE when you read them eventually, and not the other way around; feeling like something is taken away from you, when you see the story on the big screen. There was a bit of rushing in things.. I remember wondering why the relationship between Kat & Peeta was soooo rushed, like it was just stamped there. I guess I just want to be teased a little, rather see relations develop or something. :)

After the movie we went for cups of green tea (Mr S.) and hot chocolate (me little Miss sugar mouse!). 
 Then we got home to make something for dinner, and I prepared a very easy salad + (from freezer to oven !) Ristorante Mozzarella pizza. Yum. Simplest things acan be soooo damn good ♥ 

Few days ago I also found this lovely room scent "Green Tea",
from JYSK [4 euros:]

I hope you all had a great weekend! 
I have so much stuff to show you 
that I might have to post later today with some more newbies.
I had a short but lovely date with my dear friend and got a surprise Birthday present!
I got two candles from H&M, they're really adorable.
 There's not enough light to take nice photos of them myself right now 
but here are the product photos from the site:

Kiitos muru - Thank you sweetie.

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  1. i loved the movie and can't wait for the next one! you should read the books!(:

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    only a little obsession giveaway

  2. Pakko kyllä ehkä katsastaa tuo Nälkäpeli-leffa, jotenkin sen verran kiinnostava tapaus! Myös kirjoista olen kuullut tosi paljon hyvää, nekin tekisi kyllä mieli lukea. :)

  3. It seems you had a lovely date! So happy for you!

    Ps. did you change the blog opening banner? I love this one!!

  4. Hmmm. I havn't heard something about that film, yet. Do they show English films in Finland, or are translated into Finish, like in Gemany?
    Ristaurante Pizza are known here as well. From Dr. Oetker, the german cake packages?
    Did you prepare a kind of Greek salad??? What ar the little red pills on the right salad?
    Greets Sunstorm

  5. I'm so excited to see the movie on Wednesday! I love the books :)
    And those candles are just adorable :)

  6. Thank you for the comments ! ^^

    Kiitos kommentista :)

  7. Ah, it were the honey roasted nuts...
    I think its better to see the englisch movies. So that you won't have the same probs to back your children learning English like I have... later. ;-)
    Have a great time, too.

  8. Oo i can't wait to see the movie!! I haven't read the books yet either and from the dissappointed comments I've read from those that have read it first, I think it's a good thing to watch the movie first, THEN read the book LOL <3

  9. wow, you made that pizza? gosh, I wish you lived here in Estonia, so I could order this from you, haha. I'm a huge fan of yummy pizza and your photos made me extremely hungry :P
    btw, I can see you and your boyfriend have equal portions. can you imagine my boyfriend eats at least 3-4 times more than me, haha :D

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. Really need to read the hunger games book before I see the movie. That food looks so good that my mouth is watering x

  11. Your cooking looks absolutely delicious! You are so talented! I can't believe you made that yourself. :) I am terrible at cooking savoury food haha. I let the boyfriend take care of that. ;) Any chance you will be posting a recipe soon? :D

    It's funny how there is this whole Hunger Games movement at the moment - haven't read the book or seen the movie but I feel I should see what the hype is all about now!

    Hope you have a splendid week Satu!

    Mandy xx

  12. I can't wait to see the movie ;)
    This salad is so yummyyyyy!!
    xxxxx, Dani

  13. Ihana blogi Sinulla!

    Pakko itselläkin mennä kattomaan Nälkäpeli. Vaikuttaa mielenkiintoiselta tapaukselta!

  14. That looks so yummy! And recently I have read so much about The Hunger Games on Twitter but never really have the idea what it is. Silly me