March 23, 2012

Pieces of the Home [thrifted items and such]

Lately my days have consisted of schoolwork, cleaning up the house, organizing our living room, cooking and baking. Hmm it seems like that I've become a real housewife ! Hehe. I've also watched half of Gossip Girl's season 1 - that's 10 episodes - in two nights. Our old TV saw it's last day some time ago, and my boyfriend has had evening shifts this week - so after all housework I've just wanted to relax. I've read some books but when I don't want to stress my brains too much GG is perfect choice - suitably corny teenage drama with preppy clothing and still very entertaining. It divides opinions just like any other TV-series / movie / music .. but I just LOVE all the relations between different characters, clashes between social classes .. and even all the power strugles and intriguing are made in an imaginative way. I don't feel bored, that's what counts. :]

Now I want to show you some recent inexpensive buys of mine that aren't clothes.

Small vintage leather pouch, for my camera. It looks little like Lacoste because of that crocodile!
But that wasn't the point when I bought it, I just wanted to get some kind of neat and unusual cover
for my camera. I like unique pieces. And this cost only 80 cents, mwahaha !

I found these bamboo tablets from local supermarket, 4 euros alltogether. They go so well with our dark
wood dinner table, don't they? I'm having a little spring interior decor / organizing -buzz going on definitely.
After making my little vanity corner (click click) I've tried to make our living room look more cozy, clean and inviting. Photos coming up when that project is complete!
I have totally forgotten to show my lovely retro radio! I need to get a chargeable battery for it, otherwise it can only be used inside the house or where's electricity available. It would be so fun to take it to the beach!
I got the white wine case last year [for my birthday] from two of my girlfriends. I had a coffee date
with them on Wednesday - I missed them a lot already We live in the same town but see each other way too rarely. We have all had work and boyfriends yaaddayaadda ..:D But best friends are there for you, even though you wouldn't meet them for some time. One of us was getting ready for a night out, and I watched game shows on TV with the third one eating candy. And we talked for about 4 hours until I finally had to get up on my feet and head home around midnight.
I love Arizona teas, who doesn't!? Some time ago I only saw them at one local chinese restaurant, but now
they can be bought at most supermarkets. In this photo is also my extra small alarm clock, but the ticking is so loud I decided to place it in the kitchen instead. And that chinese vase I found at flea market for only 1
or 3 euros, can't remember anymore but it was a bargain! That photo over there is of me and my little sister, I
think we made a play where she was Little Red Riding Hood and I was the Big Bad Wolf!
That cute painting is also from fleamarket, it's pretty kooky! And hair accessory flower that I just happened
to place on that shelf, for no special reason. I guess the colour goes well with some of those stuff.
Betty Boop -cards in frames are from my Mum, and one behind the glasses is from my dear friend.
Oh and then there's my boyfriend's bottle of scottish whiskey. He bought it for himself as a present,
when he got a job last month ! I'm still really unsure what I will do next summer / autumn. Well there's schoolwork, I need to do one training period / internship and thesis until I graduate next Christmas.
This was a really nice find, new shower curtain for only 2 euros!
I think it's cute and suits to this pretty retro bathroom of ours. We really need to get a renovation :D

So, what did you think ? Can you make a nice home with random, inexpensive stuff or not :)

Thanks for all your comments lovely people ! I'm going to start responding in 1...2...3. now.
Have a fabulous weekend ! * bisous *

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  1. Thanks for all your nice comments Satu! :)

    And yes, it's called smörgåstårta :) and we usually only eat them at festive occasions as well but I had promised my friend to make my famous home-made one!

    And now to your posts :) Of course you can make a great home with random inexpensive things! That's what makes a home personal. I don't really like those design home that look like a hotel room...a home is supposed to tell something about the people who live there!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love the colors in your home! Teal and white are some of my favorites and they are two colors in my room as well. That wine box is sooo cute and good find on the bamboo place mats.


  3. Okay that retro radio is seriously fabulous!! Love the color!! <3

  4. Love the bamboo place mats! They look great on your table!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  5. oh, I really enjoyed that post! browsed through every photo and thought about your comments. I think it's so cool you find things from flea markets and OF COURSE you can make a gorgeous home design with those items. and the renovation! I know too well about that since we're in the middle of it right now :P the room we're overhauling is the biggest in the house, so quite a challenge ;)
    anyway, I hope you're going to have an amazing weekend :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. What a great deal on that bag!


  7. I love the style of your house! Personal and retro, really stylish!! I'd love to have my home like your!
    Kiss and I wish you a great weekend dear!

  8. Loveee the colors of your home!

  9. I'm so so so in love with your retro radio!! The colour is amazing. <3

  10. It looks fabulous! I love your little Betty Boop pictures and your little pin up! So adorable!


  11. You are a great bargain shopper! Love the camera case!

  12. i love seeing your home! aw, i miss you! ive been away from blogging but im back now :) i really hope that are doing well pretty lady! have a happy weekend!

    love, james

  13. Great finds! I'm really loving the bamboo place mats you found. They look great!

  14. Love the white winebox in the middle! Great blog! Do u wanna follow?

  15. Onpas sulla ihania juttuja!

    Toi uus banneri on kiva ja pöytä ja tabletit ja toi turkoosi tee-juttu jaja :D Ja toi radio!

  16. Wow you've picked up heaps of cool stuff for your home! It's awesome how you got all that stuff for so cheap.

  17. I Thanks so much for the comment.
    What a beautiful turquoise things

  18. look that! so many details in ur house i love the pics color, really nive post sweetie!

  19. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I just discovered yours, I love it! I just moved to a foreign country, so I am looking to decorating my house, and small details makes it amazing!
    Beijos from brasil

  20. Lovely finds! Random but beautiful! And I'm sure you can't beat the price!


  21. Love the pictures, they are beautiful!

  22. Love it! :)you have nice & lovely home
    btw, I tagged you in my blogpost. Check it out?
    Have a wonderful day!

  23. What lovely details!:D
    Blogin uusi look on muuten tosi kaunis!