April 6, 2012

Little piece of Paris

Sain vihdoinkin vaaterekin kotiutettua, ja se on aivan ihana !
Päällystetty Le Monden sivuilla.. Ah. Ja täytyi täyttää se heti.
Ostin myös vuosia kaipaamani mallinuken. Se sai tänään päälleen vähän 
glamourimman asun kuin tuo karvaneule-liivi. Ja rekin lattialla on kaikki shortsit 
& lyhyet hameet, koska kohta niitä pitäisi päästä käyttämään [in my dreams.]
ja jos ne on komeron perällä ei tule pistettyä päälle.
[lue: kaappi on täysi.]
Valkoinen iso korurasia on AmandaB:stä, samassa kuvassa on kaikki 
sulkakorvikseni.. ja tukanlaittovälineet siirsin myös "peilipöytä"-nurkkaukseeni
- lojuupi lattialla kun ei ole mitään laatikostoa niille vielä.

Ja perhetuttavalta / ystävältä saatiin sängynpääty, muuten se olisi mennyt
varmaan ekotorille.. Onneksi otettiin, on se aika hiano.

It's here! It's FINALLY here.
My clothing rack. Covered with pages of Le Monde.
.. And I love it !
I had to fill it immediately as you can see.
I bet this will be very handy helper.
Also got a mannequin that I've been yearning for years.
I dressed her up today in a more glamorous way than that fur&knit vest.

there's all my shorts and few short skirts on the floor of the rack
- that's because I need to start wearing them soon [in my dreams.]
and if those are in the far end of the closet I'll never use / find them
[ read between the lines: my closet is full. ]

all my feather earrings + jewellery box. (from AmandaB)

sorry about the messy piles of boxes on the floor!
this is work in progress. like..constant one.
I moved all my hair styling stuff here, but there's
not any drawers or something like that for them yet.

We also got a new headboard from our family friend. 
It would have gone to recycling center if we wouldn't have taken it,
because the previous owner didn't have a place for it / anyone else to take it.
I moved our bed from under the window to against the wall, 
opposite to the clothing rack. Now the bed has nice wallpaper background 
instead of heating radiator and curtain. I'm glad we took the headboard,
it's kinda cool now that I see it here.

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  1. this looks soo perfect! i'm jealous of your room, it so stylish and girly and...well, perfect <3

  2. You have created a lovely Parisian chic inspired room.Well done!

    xoxo Ra

  3. Ahhh, this is awesome! I want your room <3
    Great clothing rack haha, looks like you're already using it to its full capacity haha!

    Trendy Teal

  4. this is super gorgeous!
    what a romantic theme!

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  5. wow, girl, you definitely have a lot of stuff! and I thought I have too much stuff.. you win, hehe :P though I have too much clothes which need to be looked through and maybe given away for charity.
    btw, your home looks fabulous and I always find it very inspirational for me :)
    hope you're having a perfect weekend!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. ahhh, so dreamy!! i absolutely love what you've done here, darling! now i want to go through your closet ;-) hope you had a great week babe!!

    x james

  7. Wow this is your room? I'm jealous..you have such a unique room. I am in LOVE with your closet..and that mannequin. I have been wanting one forever. Love these photos! Xx


  8. Heiii, ihan sairaan hieno! Pitää päästä kylään, kun koti on niin kovasti muuttanu ulkomuotoaan!! :)

  9. I've always wanted a mannequin! But they're so expensive unfortunately:/

    I dream of Thailand everyday! Haha. It's a really lovely place and I'd love to go back soon:)

    And I just realised that I didn't reply to your previous comment. I edit my photos with photoshop most of the time. You'll get better with it when you keep practising:)

    Have a good Easter!

  10. Quite literally amazing! Love love love the wardrobe!! :D x x

  11. How cute! It looks great :) What a cute way to display all of your clothes.

    Have a great weekend!!

  12. So, so, so, so PERFECT! I love it!

  13. Love the design of your room, it is like a perfect piece of a vintage Parisian hotel. The clothes rack is a lovely creative idea and adore all the eclectic decor elements. It all comes together beautifully.

  14. Where is this rack from!?!? I love it. I wonder if this can be a DIY. I may be overestimating my abilities but I just love that rack. Your room is so cute and romantic.


  15. I love this little corner! Especially the vintage vibe of your vanity :)
    xo Jac

  16. I don't think you could possible have a nicer bedroom...seriously, the wall paper is GORGEOUS, as is your paper-covered wardrobe nad your posters :) And the bedspread and vanity are so elegant too! I'm jealous of your decor :)

    <3 Cambria

  17. thank you for all the lovely comments you have poasted already on my blog. to me it seemed you really had a view and thought about some things. thank you.

    the photos look just amazing. i also have a love for details and lovely vintage stuff i really like that.

    I'd love to spend a little time there and getting inspired.

    happy easter to you too!

  18. WOWOWOWOWO--how amazzzzing is your room! That clothing rack is beyond cool! I wish my closet was that organized and just that cool looking! Fabbb room! Such a grrrrreat vibe babe! Happy EASTER weekend! yahoo
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  19. Wow, you have a very pretty room, and it suits you so well!

    I love that mannequin, I really want one as well!

    Xo, Imke

  20. Voi että mikä unelma!!!Pakko näyttä miehelleni, jotta hän ymmärtää etten ole ainoa joka tarvitsee paljon tilaa vaatteilleni;). (ehkä saisin VIELÄ isomman kaapin;)). Ihanaa pääsiäistä vielä!


  21. Wow, amazing how you manage your wardrobe! I wish I could do the same!!

    I wish you a great weekend & Easter day, even if you say in the latest post you're not an Easter person... neither do I :)


  22. Thank you so much, honey <3
    Lovely post :) Really!

  23. Your room is soo cute! Love the angel wings over your bed!


  24. Your wardrobe is really beautiful! love it!

  25. Oh my.. I just fell in love with your headboard! It's so charming! And that clothing rack is amazing and so different, I loooove!


  26. Oh my - this clothing rack is so cool! love the way you styled the whole corner. Where did you get the rack from. Love your blog!