April 17, 2012

Q & A x 11

Lately I haven't had time, energy or as a matter of fact any creativity / brains 
to do some awards or tagged posts from you recently. But I've decided to step
it up and starting with one, 11 Questions. I was tagged by lovely blogger girl named
 Daniela Schwanke. And for a really long time this is something I haven't done before,
not like all those "Tell random 7 / 15 things and tag same amount of bloggers " - which
I've done or tried to do every time someone tags / awards me. But those get really
hard after couple times, haha. I'm not very extraordinary. So, now to the questions.
And for the first time ever I tag those 11 people too.. :D

1. Why did you start blogging and what was your biggest motivation?
I started writing this blog because I realized that I'm a ...

serious shopper. There's no humble excuse for this, haha.
And I wanted to create a place to show my finds to others.
 I also wanted to write down and photograph some events 
of my life (like a journal) and share my random DIY-ideas, 
and occasionally outfits. I've also started to love the idea of 
blogging because I've got to know so many wonderful people 
and some from really far away places. And I've got so much 
information + inspiration that I otherwise wouldn't have know
anything about. Plus I've got so much positive feedback and 
encouragement to continue this creative hobby.
This is my little social & fashionable playground, kind of.

2. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

When I've gone to work/school it usually has taken me 15 -20 minutes.
That consists of deciding the outfit (if I haven't chosen it the night before)
 and putting on some quite light makeup. When I have to go somewhere early 
in the morning I like to shower the evening before. If I have later plans,
or shopping / coffee date with friend, 'putting the face on' 
may take little more time. And if there's a party, maybe up to 1 hour.
Depends on how well I've prepared for the event beforehand.
If there's a surprise flee, then I'm ready in no time. 
[ I can hear my bf laughing right now. 
Last time we had to be quick it took me almost 
15 min to find the right bra ! {Hey my top was a tricky one.} ]

3. Do you have any place you love to shop?

I love finding vintage and other second hand items 
that are currently in fashion - or I just happen to fell
in love with. Style is more important to me than any
current fashion. I love thrifting, both for my wardrobe
and home. But I do buy new stuff too. Gina Tricot
and H&M and online Asos, Rare Fashion, Nelly,
Romwe.. When I go to Helsinki I love going to Zara,
JC and Mango + Indiska home items. In Tallinn my
favourites are Bershka and Stradivarius.
I don't shop any luxury brands. I'm poor :D

4. Which clothing item is your favourite?
I love to wear maxi skirts, shorts with loose tops.. And really think
I should wear dresses more often, but just tend to stick with 
leggings with tunics or my super high waisted jeans with blouse.
Rompers are my new favourites, definitely. They can kind of look
 like dresses but there's legs. More ..safe. I wear almost anything
as long as it's comfy & goodlooking and not too revealing.

5. Neon or Pastel?

If I use colour there's very rarely any bright
ones on me these days. I used to wear a lot of fuchsia few years ago.

6. What is your favourite movie and series?

Still haven't found any better than Amélie.
Maybe close nr 2 is Edward Scissorhands.
Or Pan's Labyrinth. (500) Days of Summer?
Tomorrow I might say that I love Lord of the
Rings or Howls Moving Castle.. I have a wide
taste in all kind of movies / series / and music.
From TV series I love Skins seasons 1-4.
After that I really haven't connected with the 
characters or something. Or maybe I was so
devastated after season 4 final episode ..

7. Do you have an addiction?

= obsessive need to get / do something.
No. * grin *
Hmm maybe sweets and savoyry treats ?
Or my constant desire to make my wardrobe
& home better - bit by bit - and therefore there's too 
much stuff at the moment. Constant process you know.
So I might seem like a hoarder right now, addicted to stuff.

[ But I'm not, I love when things are organized and in their
right places, in boxes or baskets and such! Maybe there's
a tidy control freak hiding inside me, hah ;) I'd love to
organize my wardrobe according to colour - might aswell. ]

8. What’s number one thing on your wishlist?

 maybe a bath tub. And much nicer bathroom. Ours is very .. unique :D

I would actually love to go for a holiday with my boyfriend,
somewhere sunny and not too crowded with tourists.
No specific places in our minds just yet..

9. What do you do for a living?
I study cultural management, have worked for local 
fashion store since -09 and also at small women's fashion & 
vintage boutique, but that ended two months ago.
Currently looking for a job for summer. Or I also
could do internship at some summer event.. Any ideas.?

Well quite big part of my "working / active / not free time" consists of blogging;
taking photos, answering to comments.. So maybe that's one job too. ^^

10. How would you describe your style in 3 words?

casual, girly, edgy.
because whenever I wear something glamorous I want
to add a touch of rock / boheme vibe, and the other way
around. Mixing styles, accessorising.

11. What are your favorite trends and colors upcoming season?

White, lace. Boheme / Boho chic. Pastels. High-low / tail skirts and dresses.
Maxi length. Mint & peach. Rompers. I need (comfortable) heels too since I'm tiny. :>

I'm tagging
(sorry if you have been tagged before,
 I just think I haven't seen similar post by you girls)
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  1. thanks for sharing, questionaires are always daunting to tackle, but so enjoyable in the end! ps. it'd be hard for me to choose between neon and pastel . . . i've been feeling both lately ;)

  2. I love all of your favorite movies. Howl's Moving Castle is still sitting in my dvd player, and I love Pan's Labyrinth so much.

    Great Taste



  3. I love the pictures that you put with the answers. it is more interesting!! love your answers too

    thanks for the sweet comments and visit us again!!




  4. i always love reading these types of posts and learning more about the person behind the blog. xx

  5. great post it was nice knowing you! It's funny that we have been tagged at the same time. It was interesting to find out more about you. Pastels are lovely colors this season. I like vintage and thrift too!


  6. what an interesting post! I really feel like I've learnt so much new stuff about you and actually we have many things in common. for example the thrifting part but also the need to make our homes better and more beautiful, to organize things. I have a garden too and this needs to be decent enough as well of course :P

    now, when it comes to that specific tag then I have completed something similar in January (http://maikeniblogi.blogspot.com/2012/01/11-questions-tag.html) and I have answered most of those questions in my Q&A posts too, so I think it's not interesting for you and my other readers to see it once again.. though yeah, some questions are actually new.. now I don't know what to do :D maybe give answers to only the questions I haven't answered before? have to think about it and find the best way :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Love reading these random things about you. Amelie is my fav movie too.

  8. Love this! Teach me how to get ready in 15-20 minutes please :)


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  10. So nice to read more about you :)

    Really like your pictures for every answer too! :)


  11. Thanks for tagging me! :) I love your answers and the photos throughout.

    I also am a huge fan of Amelie, it's one of those classic movies that I will always love.

  12. Thanks for visiting, come back soon <3
    kissing Vanessa

  13. I love all these pictures. They are so great and creative.


  14. Great Q&A!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. Kiitos täggäyksestä, vastaan tähän kyselyyn heti kun ehdin :) Tää on vähän erilainen kuin muut mitä oon tehnyt, kiitos!


  16. Thank you all for the comments ^^ x

  17. You wrote:
    I would actually love to go for a holiday with my boyfriend,
    somewhere sunny and not too crowded with tourists.
    No specific places in our minds just yet..
    And I advice:

    You know The Brew, we enjoyed a great concert with them yesterday.

    Greetz Sunstorm

  18. Nice tip :) I'd love to visit San Francisco.

  19. Lovely insightful post sweetie, it was so great learning al these new things about you. And you've selected the perfect pictures to compliment your answers. Also prefer pastels and love Amelie. Cultural management sounds really interesting, would love to hear more about that. Hope you get your dream holiday and your dream tub!

  20. great post!
    i really enjoyed it :)
    I think I got to know you more haha

    Pinkbow Icecream

  21. What a fun post -- I'm a serious shopper too! Maxi skirts & loose fitting tops are two of my favorite pieces to wear too. Oh and LOVE Amelie! xo


  22. Great post!!! I loved these questions, I will try to answer them another day! they describe so much!

  23. hiii hun!! aw, thanks for the tag! i mean, i think we're all hardcore shopping addicts, lol. that is a great reason to start blogging ;-) and i really love that funny Mean Girls quote with Harry Potter lol. i only take 20 mins or so to get ready for school too.. but if im going out with marc or my friends, i need a good hour ;-) anyway! i hope that your week is going well sweetie!! love you!


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    We can follow each other! I am following you on GFC and bloglovin! Hope you follow back at both! Have a nice day, dear!))


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    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. despite your a little brake from your breathtaking outfits and fashion ideas, I'm following your blog. You're doing a great job!

  26. "I've got to know so many wonderful people
    and some from really far away places" - totally agree with you!! Great post darlin, I really enjoyed reading your answers :)

  27. I enjoyed reading thought the answers to the questions! You should definitely wear maxis more often when it gets warmer. I think they suit you!

    Also, I'd love to watch the movies you listed out when I have the time. I like your choices. They seem really interesting! I've been wanting to watch some but never know what's nice.

  28. I really like your blog honey!
    Keep posting!


  29. Nyt löytyy mun vastaukset kysymyksiin :)


  30. Such a cute post!



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    would you like to follow each other? let me know.


    The chic and cheap blog

  32. Thank you all !

    Jes, ja kiitos Elisabeth! :)

  33. Thank you for tagging me :) I have a few award and tags that I should be doing haha...but I thought this was an interesting one. Hopefully I get time to do this soon :)

    Hope you're having a great week!

  34. those boots are hot! love your blog. so pretty, and you have a lovely writing style. enjoyed browsing, and new follower on bloglovin AND google. i'd love to stay connected with you on both. cheers!