May 19, 2012

Productive producing

Sweet Mandy asked me about my studies, and my reply turned out to be quite a long one. 
So I decided to share this to all of you, in case you're interested.

I study Cultural Management at my hometown university of applied sciences. 
It basically means organizing all kinds of events, like music festivals or art exhibitions, 
but some of my schoolmates have also worked as a trainee in TV-studios or radio. 
It can be basically almost anything you want to specialize in, with your own choices 
throughout studies. I've been mostly part of local music events and this spring as a 
trainee for beauty & health -fair, but would love to organize/be part of something
 fashion related. It's very much culture aswell, and close to my interests obviously.^^

I've just been having a slight "writers block", not feeling this is what I want to do at all 
(not the work, I think it would be fun if there were any jobs available) I have degree
 on business administration already in my pocket, so making another thesis doesn't really
attract me either - especially since I was supposed to organize VIP-customer event for local 
boutique, but that didn't work out (they ended the business, have only online shop now) 
and when I got a second option, that didn't happen either. So now I'm a little stuck. :D 
I've played with thought of taking a year off / end this school, and just work. I like being 
shop assistant or visualist ..or anything else but hang out at home most days and blaming 
myself for being a lazy ass :D Working at clothing or decor store (which I've done) is not 
anything special like being a lawyer or scientist - just quite simple but neat work with all 
different kinds of people and products, and I've always like that.

Being happy with what you do is the most important thing, after all. :)
And now I have a new job at jewellery / accessory store, and I love it.

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  1. Absolutely agree with you. As long as you are happy, that's all that matters :) Cultural management sound like a very interesting program to be in!! A great place where you can show off your creativity <3 And thank you for the lovely comment!!

  2. You are absolutely wright, as long as you are happy you can do whatever you want.

  3. hey, girl! I'm definitely glad you shared the story. was really interesting to read and discover new stuff. and I hope you can think things through and find the best solution and do what you really want. don't give up when you actually still have a pretty good chance :) good luck!!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. That green nail polish is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Cultural management sounds really interesting! This is my first time hearing about such a course. It sounds like it's similar to events management. I've never had the chance to work in a clothing store but I think I'd really like that!
    Also, don't worry about replying late etc. I do it all the time since I'm alway busy with uni too:)

  6. Thank you to visit my blog. Yes,it's sweet and it's called " basbousa"

  7. Absolutely agree with you dear :)

  8. thanks for sharing this.. i know the feeling.. it's nice to know we're not along, lol

  9. This page appears to get a good ammount of visitors. How do you advertise it? It offers a nice individual twist on things. I guess having something authentic or substantial to talk about is the most important thing.

  10. Thank you for the comments.

    I don't advertise this blog. Only comment on other peoples posts :)