May 14, 2012

Wannabe Flowerchild

:: Kiitos kaikista kommenteista. // Thank you for all the comments. ::

There are some styles of music that could never make me feel unhappy or angry. 
I've recently (these past two - three years) found the amazing world of  
modern folk / alternative indie rock / indie pop music
mmm can you categorize it more accurately?
 [ and also something very different from those; dubstep and drum&bass music
but that's more like for the hard ass party times at clubs hehe ]
With music that's not too disturbing, my mood lifts up and I feel like dancing like a hippie..
maybe have some apple cider and enjoy the mood with good friend.

I have posted some videos of finnish indie rock and also electronic music 
during past months [ tagged with music ], and today I want to show you 
some of my new found favourites..:

Of Monsters & Men - King & Lionheart

Of Monsters & Men - Little Talks

Wolf Gang - The King and All of His Men

José Gonzalez - Teardrops
(song Heartbeats can be found on my sidebar's little playlist)

First Aid Kit - The Lions Roar
(ei voi olla totta; ne tulee Ilosaareen!)

Death Cab for Cutie - We Looked Like Giants

New discoveries:

Julia Stone - Where Does the Love Go

Isbells - Time's Ticking

Let me know if you have some ideas for more indie-bands, duos or singers.
I love finding new, not-so-mainstream music by accident ^^

* none of the photos above is taken by me. via*

hyvä suomi:

Kirjoitin tämän aluksi englanniksi ja nyt en saa suomennettua ajatusta ihan samalla tavalla,
mutta musiikki on tässä jutussa nyt se pääasia. Pidän monenlaisesta ja -tyylisestä, railakkaasti bailattavasta jumputuksesta ja herkistä biiseistä - mikä mielentilaan sattuu vain sopimaan. Tässä jälkimmäiseen kategoriaan eli ehkä vähän herkempiin fiiliksiin kuuluvia ja joitakin hassutuksiakin. Ettei nyt menisi ihan melodramaattiseksi. :) Tällainen moderni folk / vaihtoehto rock / pop se vain ei voi tehdä minua surulliseksi tai vihaiseksi.  Tekee mieli tanssahdella pellolla kuin pikkuhippi ja nauttia vaikka omppusiideriä, nautiskella olosta hyvän ystävän kanssa jutustellen. (esim. erään ihanan "Emännän" kanssa. :)


  1. Oho oho! Kyllä näyttää aikalailla saman piirtäjän tekeleeltä toi alakuva :) Ihana blogi muuten sulla :)

  2. I think I can't help you with some new musical finds but when I was studying and had my university years I was such a sucker for new music and listened to New Found Glory, Muse, The Killers.. I can't even remember all the bands because there were so many! I actually have account where everything can be seen :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. Ahh, I just love this kind of music. Plus, the fashion photos included! Haha, this is so the kind of style I love <3

    Trendy Teal

  4. Toivottavasti pian kohdataan noissa merkeissä ;)
    t. Emäntä

  5. Pretty, love all the bohemian/whimsical photos :)

  6. i am a huge fan of electronica. great finds and i love discovering new music. :)

    have a great day!

  7. Love, love, love this post!



  8. I have to say that the type of music I listen to is directly related to the mood I am in. When I am in a super good, happy mood I tend to listen to light-hearted, in no way serious pop music.

    Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  9. I love acoustic, hip hop and house music. I get very happy when I stumble upon new music/artist too.


  10. Thank you very much :) I followed you know, too!

  11. wow, all beautiful pictures! (:

  12. Love these pics! BTW, I am folowing you via GFC (as style-delights) and bloglovin (#90). Would you like to follow back? Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  13. oh, you have posted 'time's ticking' by isbells :)

    jose gonzalez is one of my favourite singer songwriter, he is brilliant.

    habe a nice day :)

  14. oh nice! i would love to visit finland someday!

    Figure of Chic

  15. we have the same taste in music! love everyone you mentioned

  16. WOW!!! great post! :)


  17. Thank you!

    + I welcome you ALL to Finland anytime ! :D x