June 4, 2012

(500) Readers of Indie

Yeap, one of my fav movies is (500) Days of Summer, so I had to use it as inspiration to a blog post title - at least once ! My blog reached 500 followers today -- umm where did you all come from ? :) Last year, at this time of the year I had maybe 60-70 followers via GFC. My little hobby has grown a bit, I could call this my other part-time job almost. Ohh, I couldn't feel happier right now! And I'm extra happy because of the fact that I've "gotten" all of you by just being me - and not trying to fish you here.

First the lovely things, here's few funny, quirky, free spirited and adorable photos (not taken by me.) for all of you lovelies out there. * PUSUJA * = kisses.

Few words about that sort of "following", fishing:
I've seen some of those bloggers who comment to various sites "follow me, I'll follow back!", "let's follow each other" or things like that, just out of the blue! Of course it's always nice to hear that someone has interest in your blog and would like to stay in contact. But most of the times that's not the reason after all, and the "interest" may be insincere. They just wanted to get themselves a new member - and why, to seem more popular or what .. ? There's really no point in that, is there. Myself, I only want to follow the blogs I care about, gain inspiration from, find appealing and sometimes might even feel like I'm friends with the blogger. At least I feel like I've made some pretty good blog friends here, and who knows if we even happen to meet sometime - this is a small World ! :) Well we all have our own reasons to follow different blogs, but I don't really get the whole "follow for a follow"-idea. Someone registers as your follower and that's nice obviously, but they want something in return..that's still reasonable, it's just a click and you've followed them and no further duties ! But those bloggers really never come back to check up on your posts or to comment, which is to me the most rewarding thing in blogging. And the whole idea of blogging being a platform to build a fashionable or what-ever-you-write-about -sort of network, and to communicate with people around the country/world, it gets lost in that sort of business. So don't be offended if I don't immediately want to follow you back, just because you've asked me to.. If I love your blog, I most definitely will do it, or after a while when I see that you have real interest in my blog and I find yours quite appealing too :) I appreciate every single one of you who visit here, anonymous ones included and those silent visitors who never place a single comment - I thank you all for sticking up with me! I love visiting blogs myself too, and there's actually few hundred of them that I visit (not visiting each one daily, just trying to reply to comments and check blog posts that seem interesting via Bloglovin') Pheoow, got that one out of the system. :) Back to the normal schedule now hehe ! x


  1. congrats on your big 500! I'm nowhere near 500 yet haha!

  2. Aww yaayyyy! Congrats on your 500 readers!

  3. wow! congratulation!
    i'm superduper jealous~~
    I wish I have 500 followers too! haha
    Don't be jealous of my Hawaii trip! Someday, you will be there and i'm jealous of you something here ;)
    right? haha
    Let's be thankful for what we have now :)
    Happy Monday Satu!

    Pinkbow Icecream

  4. Goddaaamn, I want a pikachusuit very badly !

    Congrats with 500 followers! Keep on the good work ;)

  5. wow, loved all the photos! Also, congrats on the followers. I actually love love love getting new followers and following new blogs because I LOVE finding out about new blogs, and that way I always feel entertained and have something to do when I'm on internet.

  6. Aika hurja määrä kyllä... ja nykyään kuulun suomeksi kommentoijien vähemmistöön! olen täysin samaa mieltä kanssasi tuosta seuraamisasiasta. olen iloinen, että olemme pysyneet toistemme matkassa jo näin pitkään, ilman mitään suosiontavoittelua :)

  7. congrats, dear! I also remember when I started blogging I had maybe like 10 followers, hehe, though the readers' number was quite decent. but my blog wasn't international back then. I think international blogging has given so much to me. so many awesome people, knowledge, inspiration.
    btw, I don't check back comments which only say let's follow each other. I think it's pointless. at the same time when someone wants to follow each other in order to really stay in touch I find it completely fine and normal :) I think leaving a comment is a natural thing when I have read a post and have an opinion about it. it's a bit strange from some bloggers to think everyone should write them comments but they don't have to give back any opinions. I usually tend to ignore that kind of persons.. anyway, my opinions are quite similar to yours, when it comes to this whole blogging thing ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. i couldn't agree more..i think we've all learned the hard way a few times.. feeling like we've been "had" .. if i can use that termanology when referring to blogging, lol..kudos to you for voice your opinion! and congrats on being you!!
    hope you have a splendid week! :-)

  9. Thank you all ! x Replying to your blogs soon

  10. Onnea rakas Satu, ansaitset kaikkia lukijoitasi :) Jatka samaan malliin!


  11. yay, congrats on your 500 followers! and 500 days of summer is one of my favorite movies, too! simple adore! and c.s. lewis is always so inspiring!
    xo TJ

  12. Congratulations, that's quite a success! :)

    And thanks for your share on my "Summer is..." post, I'll be posting about that soon!

  13. congrats on 500..best wishes for future.


  14. congratulations for the 500. though at times i am guilty of wanting someone to follow back and dropping that line to a post, i don't really do that to blogs i feel like i can't relate to.

    anyway, the choices of photos for this post are great! the 2nd one is my most favorite.


  15. Congrats on the followers!
    Love these images :)

    xo Jennifer


  16. 500 followers!!! congratulations. this is huge! I'm excited that your blog is growing so fast :)

    haha 500 days of summer is the best movie ever. I just watched it the other day. Thanks for sharing that quote by C.S. Lewis. so great.

  17. Onnea, toi on ihan hurja määrä seuraajia :) Ehkä mäkin saavutan ton jonain kauniina päivänä ;) xoxo ♥

  18. Hurray!! That's amazing!
    Proud to be one of them and happy we found each other ;)

    Love, Sari