September 5, 2012

Glam native

jewellery from H&M
skirt Gina Tricot

(quote on the wall is a gift from my dear friend ♥
she has decorated our place almost as much as me, haha just kidding.
but always get these lovely presents, aww. :) tattista emäntäni!)

Kaverin synttärijuhlinnoissa oli vain kännykkä mukana, joten löytyy vain kehnolaatuisia kuvia illan asusta. Lisäksi valkoinen lempparipaitani on ihan tuhoon tuomittu, siinä on jotain mustia tuhkan tai meikin näköisiä tahroja, joten myöskään asun yläosa ei ole paras mahdollinen. Kävi tosi hyvä tuuri juhliin lähtiessä, kun unohdin valkkaamani korut kotiin : piipahdin H&M:llä kaveria ja siskoa odotellessa ja tuollaiset bongasin - ihan matchy matchy! ^^ Hamonen on aiemmin kesällä tekemäni löytö Gina Tricotin alesta, norm. hinnaltaan 40 ,- mutta nappasin sen kympillä! :P


Had only my cellphone with me at friend's b-day party, so have only kind of poor quality photos of my look. Plus my favourite white blouse (that I was going to use with the skirt) has some weird ash or makeup looking black stains on it that wont come off. So the top in this look isn't the best one either. I did have some good luck though, when I forgot all the jewellery I had picked out home! I stopped by at H&M while waiting for my friend and sister and that's what caught my eye - matchy matchy dontcha think! ^^ I bought this skirt from Gina Tricot sale little earlier this summer, original price was 40 euros and I paid only 10, hah! x

raw silk top - KappAhl

 b-day cards and strawberry ..thing.

sis' dancing.
(video by Neon Hitch)


  1. I need this skirt!! It is so gorgeous!!!


  2. i absolutely love the necklace and skirt!

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  3. Hello Darling!<3
    Wow that skirt is fantastic!!! I saw it somewhere before, in a picture online and i fell in love with it! just wish they had Gina in the UK ;) Shopping online isn't really the same as rummaging around in store ;) I LOVE your party outfit though, too perfect! What good luck with the necklace too! ;) XOXO

  4. Beautiful post~!!!
    Love everything especially the skirt!

  5. That skirt is amazing!! Such a cute outfit :)
    Helen at Never Quite Elegant xx

  6. Omgsh, that skirt is just amazing! *_* So sequined and fun ♥

    Trendy Teal

  7. oh, those earrings actually pretty much remind me of a pair I own but mine are from Oriflame. I also like the necklace you got. and that skirt.. simply wow! it's super glamorous and sequins are always lovely and girly :) I'd definitely create an autumn look around it sometimes ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. Gorgeous girl! Your skirt is so much fun and looks lovely with the necklace.

  9. We whould say "holla the woodfairy". Very sexy skirt. Fits to you. Have a good time. Sunstorm

  10. Just wonderful, love the pattern piece, you look gorgeous!! x

  11. Tosi söpö asu, toivon että itsekin löytäisin vastaavan kuvioidun hameen syysasuja varten :) Näyttää ihan hirmuisen nätiltä sun päällä! ♥

  12. Hi sweety, I am in awe over this gorgeous outfit, love how the stunning jewels compliment the beautiful sparkly skirt. You look fantastic!

  13. love your necklaces! It looks really good on you :)

  14. The printed skirt looks cute with your top! The necklace also matched well with outfit.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  15. Thank you all ! So glad you like it. I knew it hehe ;) x

    Kiitos Johanna! ^^ Ei muuta kuin kauppoja kiertelemään / netistä bongaamaan omasi :) Trikoinen atsteekki hame olisi edelleen hakusessa..

    Thank you SABO SKIRT ♥ (i love their clothes!)

  16. I love that skirt!! I want it!


  17. ihan mahtava tuo hame :D sinustahan tulee oikein paljettikuningatar, hehee. jään odottamaan asukuvia.

  18. You look gorgeous! I think I need that skirt in my life. It's amazing and perfect with the white blouse. Love the jewelry as well... This week I decided to buy more statement pieces and that necklace is a true beauty!

    Thank you for your sweet comments, again! I'm doing my graduation project at Fashionology and we always have to research something. Mine will be about target research in preparation for Amsterdam Fashion Week in january. So exciting! Can't wait to cover myself in all those statement jewelry and get to know the fashion industry better. (I'm studying textile engineering and management btw).

    Love, Sari