September 6, 2012

Heart of the Home

It was such a beautiful Autumn day outside, but I've been stuck home with blog related stuff, some Revenge-episodes and music. I've been listening to Bob Dylan, Cat Powers and A Fine Frenzy. Absolutely smitten about the last one right now, because I can't bear to hear ugly loud noises or party music - even though I love hard rock and dubstep, and other more rough stuff. And what's also quite funny that I don't really listen to girl singers at all, I love male voices mostly.. and yet this A Fine Frenzy-one is so darn adorable. That's what it is, cute music for this sick day at home.
Have a listen you rockafellas & partybellas, I wont tell.

Among all the new items to my wardrobe, I've found something pretty stuff for the home as well.
Plates, mugs and egg cup (for Samuli) are from my favourite interior shop around here, Esta Casa.
Can you believe that I got all this for under 40 euros! (There was sale - 20 or 30%.)
And I want some more of those water lily leaf - plates ♥
"All you need is love" kitchen towel and "You need love" potholder are from Hemtex.

And here's a little peek to our kitchen. I've showed you some photos earlier aswell,
just click on the tag "home" and start searching ;) I think the place looks a bit more nice now,
with some new textiles and dishes.. But our kitchen could definitely need some updating! Too bad we're just on rent here.

hehe a quirky little detail on the corner : that's actually a shower shelf !
 It was abandoned to our garbage shelter, but I immediately knew what to do with it.

Something new for the bathroom too. I couldn't decide which one I loved more, so took them both.
Plus they were on sale for about 2-3 euros so nice deal for new fluffy towels.

What else I've been up to today.. Well I created sponsorship / advertising rules
in case someone wants to advertise on my blog (Click "Advertising + Sponsorship Info" on the sidebar)
 If you want to excange buttons, host giveaway ..anything, just read more from there ! :)

I cooked meal and that's about it, my house wife activities today :D
 Well, you don't need to clean up every day, or be outdoorsy. Especially when you're about to catch cold.
(I don't have fever, but every muscle in my body hurts and I'm sneezing all the time.)
Must get to bed now (almost 00:30 here!), got a long day at work tomorrow. See ya x


  1. Yay for A Fine Frenzy, I love her! :D
    Lovely homely touches here, I've been hunting for homeware stuff for my new uni room recently :)
    Helen at Never Quite Elegant xx

  2. Super lovely, love this decor and home accessories


  3. Oh my gosh! I love those all you need is love kitchen stuff! My mom loves Revenge and I really want to start watching it too! Hopefully, I can finish the first season before season2 begins!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested :)

  4. such pretty new kitchen accessories! love the black and white theme, it's so elegant and clean.

  5. This is an adorable post!! Love the cups :)

  6. kivoja kotijuttuja... itselläkin on vähän sellainen olo, että jotain täällä pitäisi uudistaa. olen jo suunnitellut kodinhoitonurkkauksen :D en anna asunnon koon tulla eteen...

  7. Nuo mustavalkoiset astiat ja tekstiilit on ihania!! :) Sopis meijänkin sisustukseen! :D

  8. Ihania pyyhkeitä! Tuli sellanen olo et mäki ehdottomasti siis _tarvitsisin_ pyyhkeitä.. :D

  9. Tosi kivoja erityisesti noi kaikki mustavalkoiset sisustusjutut!

  10. I looove your home posts! you definitely have the sweetest little details at your place and I always enjoy discovering those details. especially because decorating our home is quite essential right now and I give my best to do it as often as possible.
    anyway, all your new goodies are so beautiful and special! :) oh and I hope you're feeling better!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. hey love the pictures and love the new kitchen wares..:)
    if you find time, do drop by in our blog..and maybe if you like it we can follow each other :)

    mimi (Mimzy's Closet)

  12. such cute home stuff! i always have trouble finding stuff like that and you are so organized too!


  13. If you like Cat Powers as much as I do, I'll probably love A Fine Frenzy. Definitely going to listen to this playlist. And I love all of the black and white in your home!

  14. Excellent suggestions whenever I visit your blog.

  15. Hi dear, absolutely love A Fine Frenzy, its sublime listening! Your new kitchen things are so lovely and cute, love the chic black and white theme

  16. Those are soo cute, love the All you need is love set.


  17. I love your leaf's very pretty. Your kitchen looks very neat and organised!

  18. I love all of the typeface-based things I've been seeing lately. This post is full of them, so naturally I approve. (:

  19. Ihana pikkumyy rasia! Kiitos Esta Casa vinkistä, luulen et sen verkkokauppa tulee minullekin tutuksi, noi lautaset on niin ihania! Kiitos ihanasta kommentista muuten!


  20. Hi little fairy ;D
    Lovely post! Your kitchen looks really cozy, and all the stuff are to die for, so cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful day, full of joy and smiles<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  21. I love your home!! I want those mugs .. they are awesome. And yay for a friday playlist (i am sick of my pandora right now.. so this is perfect!)


  22. wow))))so lovely homely touches))) so great)))
    Angela Donava

  23. Oi vitsi miten ihania juttuja! :-)