October 16, 2012

Fools Gold

Fortunate for me that some people are so foolish, that they sell pretty items with such ridiculous prices.
 Like these sale jewellery from Seppälä. Fell for the cute ring completely.

bicycle double ring

golden feather earrings x2
You must know I adore everything feathery. So these metallic ones caught my eye aswell.
Although I've been thinking about selling those longer ones hmm.. Anyone interested? ^^

Thrifter's catch:

white shorts / Link
leopard maxi dress / H&M Divided
leopard camisole / Triumph
(I've never owned anything from Triumph, so it was really nice
to find this nightie for 3 euros at local fleamarket!)

the total was something like 10 ,-

these need some work, going to add studs or something 
so these are ready for next summer or vacation.. :)

I've worn this leopard dress a lot inside the house, but I definitely need to start using it out more often. 
It's just so long that I don't think it would be really smart choice for work, where I also wear flats all the time. 
I would probably trip on the hem every second ! :D But I do love the dotted pattern, so definitely a keeper.

Thank you all for the comments ! x Visiting you back asap.


  1. Ihana tuo pyöräsormus :) Huippusöpö.

  2. Mulla on kans tuo pyöräsormus ja se on tosi kiva. Seppälästä tekee muutenkin aina hyviä korulöytöjä halvalla :)

  3. The bicycle ring is so cute, what a great find!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. The bicycle ring is the cutest!
    Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  5. Kiitos kommenteista tytöt ! Thanks for the comments girls !


  6. Great buys girl. Loving the leopard maxi dress.

    <3 Marina

  7. I recognize all those Seppälä goodies, I have even touched most of them in the store :P
    oh and I like Triumph. I have several pieces from them and the quality is really good! great choice!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  8. This ring is so cute! Hope you are good lovely! x x

  9. Catching up on all of your posts from the past couple of weeks here! I love your jewelry! How cute! xx

  10. Thank you! ^^
    Awwwwh can't reply since your blog is deleted ?!