October 15, 2012


= Silverfox.

Kuten näette, näissä kuvissa ei ole vielä kovin syksyistä.
En tiedä miksen ole julkaissut tätä asua aiemmin, kai se katosi avaruuteen hetkeksi.
Unohtakaa taustan myöhäis-kesäinen metsä ja katsokaa asua;
se on melko sopiva myös tähän viileään vuodenaikaan :)

As you can see, in these photos it's not that autumn-y yet.
I don't know why I haven't published this look before, I guess it got lost in the cyberspace.
Just forget the late-summer forest on the background and look at the outfit;
it's quite suitable for this a bit chilly season as well :)

silvery jeans / KappAhl (summer sale)
ballet flats / H&M
denim jacket, floral top, scarf / ?? (old)
earrings, bracelet / Glitter
bag / GinaTricot

ps. Niin, olen tappi. :D
ps. Yep, I'm a shortie. :D

Kiitos kaikista kommenteista ! Toivottavasti viikko on lähtenyt käyntiin kivasti :)
Minua jo vähän jänskättää kun Samppa lähtee viikoksi reissuun Hollantiin, Groningeniin. 
Ollaan taidettu olla niin pitkään erossa viimeksi hänen armeija-aikoinaan ..Pojille tulee varmana huippureissu. Käyvät varmaan ainakin Amsterdamissa ja muuallakin kiertelemässä. Kihisen kateudesta, kih. 
Mutta haluan kyllä lähteä omalle reissulle. Maanantai 22. - perjantai 26. olisi vapaa, kuka lähtisi seuraksi? Lähden minne vaan kunhan edullinen matka ja ihana kohde! ^^ Riika, Madrid..?

Thank you for all the lovely comments! I hope your week has started of nicely :)
I'm already a bit excited/nervous about Samuli's one week trip to Netherlands, Groningen. 
I think we haven't been apart that long since his "army days" .. I bet the boys will have an amazing vacation. They'll probably go at least to Amsterdam and circle around other towns too. I'm so jealous. 
But I do want to do my very own trip. Monday 22. - Friday 26. I have some days off from work, who's going with me ? I'll go anywhere if the travel is affordable and destination lovely one! ^^ Riga, Madrid..?


  1. wow! I really like this pastel-y outfit! I think my favorite part is your silver skinnies though...gives an edge to your romantic outfit. :)


  2. Don't be sad about being without your boyfriend - make the best out of it and enjoy it. ;) At some point, you will miss the time when you had them off your back for a while.

    As for your outfit: It's totally lovely! :) I'm very fond of your denim jacket, it looks very vintage and has a great shape.

  3. I love your jeans! I like you denim jacket too! Nice look!!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  4. you must be miss him so much dear *hug*
    anyway, I love your bracelet so much <3


  5. I like your blog... I wait you on my blog


    New POst-> http://www.modidimoda-mapi.blogspot.it/2012/10/things-i-love.html

  6. you should definitely try red velvet cake! Apparently they were originally a recipe for cupcakes, but it was so popular that it eventually became a cake. Usually food coloring is used to achieve the red color, and it's more chocolate-y in taste... but this one was phenomenal. You should visit Korea~


  7. Riga is a good choice!! But Madrid is beautiful too, maybe it´s even better for autumn. :)

  8. Such a pretty floral blouse and cool leggings! :)

    Trendy Teal

  9. ohhh thanks :))))
    the photos are always taken by different persons, these took my mum :DD
    have the Canon EOS 1100D (it's not the best camera, but I have a pretty good lens) and the 55-18 lens (the normal one) or the 55-250 lens. The second lens is sooo good <333

    xx Jules

  10. I love the top. You have awesome style

  11. Asu on ihana! :) Rakastuin farkkuihin!

  12. Ihana asu! Minä kiinnitän tietysti heti huomiota koruihin ja tykästyin korviksiisi ja rannekoruusi. :)

  13. Great look! I love your silvery jeans. :)

    xo - Sheila

  14. I'd come with you if I had any vacation days left, haha. I'd go practically anywhere! :D
    nice late summer look by the way. I like the combo of your metallic pants and floral blouse. great contrast!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  15. Really cute and comfy look! I like you denim jacket , earrings and top! Also nice hairstyle!
    kisses chris

  16. Hi Satu!

    You have such a beautiful name! Which goes so well with your blog!

    I love this look, the pearl wrist chain just gives it an extra bit of elegance!

    ~ Tasha

  17. Cute look Sweetie. I love your accessories as I'm a big fan of chunky things .

    would You like to visit my blog and maybe follow each other, pls let me know.

    Katarzyna http://aproditeisland.blogspot.com/

  18. Hey,

    i found your Blog and i'm lovin it!! its so nice and i follow you now :)

    lovely greetings from Switzerland <3

  19. hi dear...nice blog...❤ amazing look ^^
    what do you think to follow each other? ❤
    I'll wait for you
    kiss and have an happy day

  20. Amazing post!!
    If you want, we can follow each other!! let me know!



  21. I love your style and your blog. This outfit is awesome. I follow you. Maybe we can follow each other :)