November 30, 2012

Across the Sea We Float

Finally! The trip to Tallinn with my little sister Henna and friend Ansku. :)
I'm sorry I've been too busy to publish this before. I need a quiet moment
 to go through my photos, edit them a bit and also write something about them.
Finally today was the time, and I think I edited ALL my unpublished photos in
couple hours ! :D It's been a while since I last visited your blogs, 
but I'm definitely here and will get back to commenting asap - and that's a promise.
Have a nice weekend, will talk to ya soon. x

First, the outfit of the day.

faux leather jacket - Bershka
knit - Vero Moda [new!]
yellow skinny jeans - Lindex
jewelry - Glitter
bag - David Jones
ankle boots - "Edna"

new woolly hat from Lindex (on -75% sale so cost 3 eur) and furry handwarmers (Paris).

And since the main point of the whole trip was shopping, I forgot
(and didn't even have time, ~ 2,5 hours) to take as much photos as I would have liked.
Too short time I think, but we needed to hurry back to the ship.
Next time visiting Tallinn I / we definitely need more time,
perhaps should even take a hotel room..


Helsinki harbour


Haha, decided to grab some fast food to save time. 
It was really delicious actually, and way more cheap than in Finland !

Tired little shopper.

Happy little shopper.

Sis' wanted me to do something with her hair. HAHA.

And what did I get..

Floral headband & neon yellow earrings - Seppälä [ so cute ! ]
printed skirt - Bershka [ LOVE IT! ]
candy for mum and my little brother, chocolate for Samuli and me - Kalev shop
Linnupiim was reeeeally delicious.
white chocolate Toblerone - tax free [ YUM, my all time favourite ! ]


  1. Love the necklace you got :)
    xo Jac

  2. Hi,
    Thank you do much for that lovely comment on my blog :) I found your blog through some of the other blogs on my list - and just had to add you :) I haven´t had that much time to comment yet, because I´m up over my ears in art history books ;)
    I really like your blog!
    Thankfully we have sunny weather again :) First it snowed for two days, and it´s starting to get colder over here in Norway now. *bbrrrr*

    Looks like you hade a great trip to Tallinn :)

    Have a nice weekend! :)

  3. ..ja mä rakastuin noihin *karkkipusseihin* missä on vihree örkki. Kyllä, mulla on aina ollu silää yksityiskohdille ;)

  4. it's great to see you like Kalev's sweets! I love those Linnupiim candies! :P
    and what a great haul overall! I love the pattern of that Bershka skirt and I've actually seen (and wanted) those or at least similar earrings for myself too.
    anyway, I'm happy you finally made that post, hehe. seeing others writing about Estonia is always interesting ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Hi dear, your trip looks like such great fun...fantastic buys and love the hairstyle you created!

  6. lovely blog.

  7. thanks for sharing this with us! i love seeing other countries.

  8. What u did with ur sis's hair was AMAZING!