November 24, 2012

Food&Drinks Bring us Closer
#2 Samuli's family

I'm baaaack .. But have so much work & movie date tomorrow so I'm not completely back in business yet. :) I hope you've had a fun weekend so far! x FIN: Jokin aika sitten julkaisin kuvia erinäisiltä tyttöjen illoilta. Tällä kertaa postaukseni aihe on herkut anopin luona. Paljon hauskoja muistoja, yhteen kokoontumisia katsomaan urheilua telkkarista .. ja syömistä !

EN: Some days ago I posted photos of my various nights out with girlfriends. This time I'm posting all the delicious treats my mother-in-law has offered us. Fun memories, getting together to watch sports on TV.. and eating !

Mother's day in May, and ice-hockey

Football / Soccer !

and Sasu with cat mint toy :D

Samuli tasted some port.


  1. mmm, everything looks super delicious! especially today when I had so little time to spend on cooking and eating, haha. at least I can say our dining and living room is almost ready now :)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Ohh yum, everything looks so tasty! Your cat is so cute and photogenic!

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  4. yummy, the chocolates look soo good! looks like your mother in law has a lot of great food to offer :)

  5. Nami, tuo kakku näyttää herkulliselle! :)

  6. The food looks so good, Sasu is the cutest cat too! :)

  7. Mulle tuli oikeestaan JANo tosta postista.. tahotko muuten vaihtaa blogibannereita :) ?
    xo, L

  8. Amazing post. You have such a fantastic blog. It would be great if we could follow each other.
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  9. delicious!!!yummi!!!!
    xoxo dear=)

  10. Looks delicious! Great blog :)

  11. voe ku söpö kissa <3 ja nälkähän tuli ihan hirveesti!

  12. amazing pictures!!

    hoping you had a great weekend! kiss!

  13. That is a lot of food! It looks awesome, can't go wrong with food and TV haha.

  14. Aww such a cute kitty :). I love all the food, it looks absolutely delicious! What a perfect way to spend the day :) xx

    Almost Delightful

  15. Agree! Food is definitely the best thing to bring everyone together ;)

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  16. Wowww that looks delicious! So fresh!

    Lea x

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  17. I'm so hungry now :D
    Looks good mmm... ;)
    Lovely post darling!

    I follow you now on Bloglovin, follower 136 ;)

    Would be nice if you follow me back ;)

  18. Thanks ! x Replied to all of you now, I think ;)