November 27, 2012

Long hours require a nice break - with yummyness.

* Pikaiset päivitykset lontooksi. *

I'm not still fully blogging, since there's barely free time. I've been covering for a co-worker
who is sick at the moment, so I really haven't had the chance to visit all your blogs. But I've read all the comments already, thanks to cellphone. :) Thank you all for the nice words and new followers, welcome !
I have tons of photos to show you, about shopping (Tallinn) and times spent with family etc.,
and giveaway price ! Yayy. Will show these asap. :)

So since I'm spending so much time at the workplace, here's some recent pics from my lunch breaks
for you all to see. I've previously shown some of my work looks too, just look under outfits. :)

Enjoy, or should I say: DROOL !

Latte + old catalogue browsing. I kinda love that pullover Lana is wearing !

We celebrated at work, so got ourselves a huge lemon cheesecake ! It was delicious, but a bit too sweet.
Ällömakea, we would say. :D

Well this is one time with friends actually. I had some chicken with pineapple and vegetables.
But the place is same as in next shots (Amarillo)...

 And here's photos when I went for lunch break with my friend.
Had to wait quite long for the food, so my break was almost over when finally got
the hamburger in front of me ! Smokey Chicken Burger, yumm.

I hope you all had a great weekend and this week has started well too. Talk to you soon ! x

Now I'm going to watch the latest episode of Once Upon a Time; #7 Hunter since I missed it on Sunday.
It's really cute fairytale based -tv series. Next going to watch Haven, since last night I had to switch channel to see Walking Dead. Hehehe I sure have time to relax & watch TV after work. :) And eat popcorn!


  1. Drool is right.
    That tall latté looks so yummy.
    You should re-name your blog YUMMYNESS.

  2. I love the H&M catalog! The illos on your your blog are lovely. Did you do them?

    Ali of:

  3. thank god I just ate! :D otherwise I would be going crazy and dreaming about that burger.
    waiting for your post about Tallinn btw! ;)

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