November 16, 2012

Sun is definitely shining in My corner of the World.

Another challenge in a row. I'm on fire.

Thank you for tagging me Maiken
[ I've got many other challenges (both from Finnish & foreign bloggers) but at the time I didn't find time or energy to answer to any of those. AND I got many same ones, one after another at the same time, so I would have been "forced" to answer to 55 or even more questions :D ]

Sunshine Award.

Maikeni's Questions:

I Are you pleased with your current job and/or studies? If not, what would you change?
I would love to work more, and not study at all. But I need to finish within next year or all this time  (4 years) has gone slightly to waste..

II How important is fashion to you?

Quite important. I often get great ideas for my own style from it, but I don't really follow religiously fashion or what's on the runways at the moment. High-street fashion and personal style is more close to my heart.

III How many blogs do you read regularly?

Maybe under 10. Those ones feel like friends, since we exchange comments a lot. But I visit every blog I follow as much as I can. I have limited time to blogging and visiting blogs, so usually just reply to comments at other people's blogs, and if I have more time I will look through my Bloglovin' stream ;)

IV How often do you use your ID (Identity) Card?

Everytime I go to post office to pick up a package, buy drinks for celebrating, go to bar.. Few times per month total. People think I'm younger than I really am. But I guess it's a compliment after a little while; when I'm 40 and someone asks for my papers, I bet I'll laugh!

V Name the last piece of clothing or accessory you bought.

I bought leggings and blouse from Vero Moda sale, and canvas tote bag from Carlings.

VI Name three of your best thrift finds.

I would say that bags. In general. I always seem thrift the best bags ! Vintage, of course. I also love my lotus/water lily shaped metallic candlelight and bathrobe, that someone had made themselves for sale. It's blue, made of waffle fabric and has lace trims - cuuute.

VII What is your favourite holiday?

I didn't have a real summer holiday this year, so I'm going to pick that. I love hanging out in the sun, sipping cold drinks and sunbathing.. Meeting friends and going to summer cottage to relax.

VIII Which group(s) and/or singer(s) do you like?

I listen to various styles of music, both Finnish and foreign. And my favourites change my the day..well almost. Finnish favourite group is LAPKO, foreign ones at the moment Of Monsters and Men, Wolfgang.. I also love Ellie Goulding, dance & dubstep music like Skrillex, and folk-typed groups. Sometimes I feel like listening to slow tunes, sometimes party beats. 

IX Which TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?

Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Haven, Mentalist ..

X You and junk food. What kind of relationship do you have?

Well, I like to "treat" myself with a little bit of junk every now and then. I don't eat it every week or sometimes even month. Just when I feel like it, or after night at the bar - then we usually really grave for some pizza or kebab! :D

x Not passing this along :)


  1. Hi dear

    You have a great blog!
    Love it!

  2. Congrats on your lovely award, it was fun reading these facts about you. Sounds like really great thrift finds, good musical taste and those are awesome tv series!

  3. Sorry, I haven been busy these past two weeks, but now I eventually found the time to catch up on your blog! :) I love the tags, it's great to find out more about you.
    Maybe you should do a few more personal pasts?
    And I LOVE your photos, they're absolutely adorable!


  4. I actually read your answers already yesterday before going to sleep and I'm happy you answered everything because it really was interesting to read and I found out things I didn't know about you before. about your studies, reading blogs, your favourite music.. as you can see, many things :P
    ps. I know how it feels to get tagged too often and not being able to answer to everyone.. not the greatest thing.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  5. Love the studded booties!
    Thanks for the comment =)

  6. Thanks for the comments x

    @Ninon; If I talk about personal stuff, the text is between photos / at the end. So, most of my post are personal if you take a closer look :P

    x thanks