December 9, 2012

Bara för Nordisk

I've told you about Campadre here before; their current campaigns and in which countries they work. (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.) Shortly, it's a "members only" -shop where you get fashion and home supplies with huge discounts. Anyone living in these countries can join, just click here to find out more. At the moment there's loads of gorgeous jewelry and clothing deals going on, up to -70% off. Guess watches and jewelry -50%, can you believe..! Also Police watches, Starfly shoes, Skin Science -beauty products and Panos Emporio women's clothing. These deals will go on for few more days, until 14th. (Check out each deal separately)

I wanted to feature something different here, this cute kitchen supply deal by Lékué & Chef'n
 since I love to cook and bake myself - even though I don't talk about these things every day.
"Lékué is probably the world's leading manufacturer of silicone products for the kitchen. 
Their products are of high quality and innovative design. The products are made of 100% Platinum Silicone. All manufacturing takes place outside of Barcelona in Spain. Lékué strives to simplify and to make cooking more fun in the kitchen. Silicone tolerate dishwasher, oven, microwave and can handle -60 ° C to 260 ° C."

You get up to 50% discount off their products, but this deal ends in 15 hours so hurry if you're looking for new cooking and baking supplies ! ^^ Here's my top picks.

Cupcake 6-pack form, 12 € (save 50%) 
and Lasagna form, 12 € (save 50%)

 PepperBall & SaltBall, à 19 € (save 45%)
[ I got similar ones, bunnies, from Samuli last Christmas ! ]

ps. this is not a sponsored post. :)


  1. thanks! and have a nice week ;)
    bisous x

  2. I like the salt and pepper balls, they are so cute and kind of look like bunny heads :)) Have a great week xx

  3. Thanks girls. x Those are truly really cute !

  4. I love that kind of kitchen equipment! :) They bunnies are so cute!


  5. The salt&pepper bunny are so cute! But they also remind me a bit of Donnie Darko...

  6. Oh, I just picked up a few of those pepper bunnies as stocking stuffer gifts! They're probably a different brand, but still just as cute, and much cheaper-woo!