December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas wishes from Our little planet.

I won this photo of Planet Hollywood by Alexandra Wallace, from her giveaway. 
It's been couple months, but I just got new frames for it so that's why I could post this now.
Here's also some other interior shots of our Christmas'y home.
I've been lighting candles around the living room, bought white Christmas star flower
and couple other new things like the vase for it, and white Buddha statue.. Looks cozy.

Now I'm going to spend the holidays with my family. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas vacation!
Eat loads of gingerbread, have nice drinks and delicious food - I know I will. See you soon. 

This is also new, I found the little box from fleamarket.


  1. You should definitely get a tea kettle - I´m in love with mine ;)
    You have a lovely home, very cozy :)
    I am spending Yule at my parents house (as usual), lot´s of good food, cookies, movies ++ :D

    Enjoy the Holidays!

    Hugs from Norway

  2. I love the scenes from your home.

    Enjoy this time with your family.
    Lots of gingerbread, for sure!


  3. Hope you have a good Christmas and a lovely time with your family!

  4. It makes me so happy to see that in a frame!! Happy holidays, Satu! :)


  5. Hope you have a merry Christmas! xo

  6. Rauhallista joulua :)

    Ihania ja tunnelmallisia kuvia.

  7. The new frame looks really good with the photo - great giveaway win! I've been lighting scented candles lately, really enjoying having a nice aroma in the house. And have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  8. very relaxing and cozy =) merry xmas! I'll be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  9. merry Xmas!!!!

  10. This is so cute! Love the picture you won <3

  11. love it!!
    thanks for the sweet comments

    merry christmas to you!!!



  12. happy holidays and they are full of love!

  13. woah I like the box from the fleamarket, it looks so cool! your decoration looks lovely :) Merry Christmas Satu!

  14. :O wow, we both have the same box! I got mine from Stockmann while a big sale some years ago I think. what a cool coincidence, hehe.
    and you probably know I always like those posts about your home. pretty much my favourites of all your posts :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  15. Hyvää joulua!! Your home looks really very cozy. :)

  16. Really lovely !! ennjoy your christmas holiday !!

    des bisous !

  17. Sun blogi on kyllä uskomaton. Joka kerta kun tulen sitä lukemaan, jään lukemaan monta postausta koska ovat niin vangitsevia! Sulla on mahtava tyyli kirjoittaa ja blogisi on aidosti oikeasti mielenkiintoinen! Vaikka meillä onkin vähän eri tyylit, löydän aina jotain blogissasi joka viehättää minua :)
    Kiitos tästä vuodesta, ja jatka ehdottomasti samaan tyliin ensi vuonna! Hyvää joulua rakas Satu ja ihanaa uutta vuotta!
    Ja sinun kommentisi liittyen, Agnes Cecilellä on paljon ihania vesivärimaalauksia, kannattaa katsoa sen maalauskansiota,!


  18. Wauw! Wonderful stuff! Great decoration, it makes the place so cozy! x

  19. glad you were able to take some photos! everything looks very lovely and cozy!
    xx rae