December 3, 2012

I love clothing, Clothingloves me !

Funny little word game with the title there, but the main point was to tell you a little bit about 
this shop I've found about recently, ! I was immediately interested, because you know 
my love for pretty jewelry and casual + party clothes - and this shop definitely offers a wide range of all.
I'm most smitten about their jewelry, and especially necklaces that are as affordable as wholesale necklaces. Who needs $50 jewelry, when you can get the same one or even prettier for under 10 ? 
You know I'm a total jewelry magpie, and since I love so many different styles I would be bankrupt 
if bought every item from expensive boutiques! Clothingloves have tons of girly, edgy and bohemian models that I really like, with very reasonable price range, and here's my top picks:

Gorgeous, right ? I'd be so glad to have any of those, and rest I would give as Christmas presents.
* Pssst, sisters and mum, let me know if you have any wishes ! ;) *

I've also realized that I'm in need of a simple, basic white shirt to go with anything.
I had that first blouse below in mind, but I'm also intrigued by peplums since I haven't tried them yet
.. and lace trimming.. and cool prints. Oh how I would love to get a complete wardrobe reformation !

By the way, I always get a really good feeling while reading Lauren Conrad's Style -book
(which gives you advice on how to edit your wardrobe and keep just the key pieces,
plus some versatile accessories) and I think I'm really slowly but steadily on my way to a perfect,
functional closet. I just feel like I'm in need of a more organized and bigger closet first, like walk in closet.
Not that I need loads of stuff in my life, but I just can't tell what I already have and what to get rid of,
because my clothes, shoes and bags aren't in the best order right now.

Oh, and since it's winter time and Christmas approaching, I found the most perfect accessories 
- especially keeping "the better half" in mind .. ;) And I'm lusting after the first grey, deer scarf heh !

Wow, is it really December already ? I must start thinking about little gifts soon.
Well, here was some early inspiration ! ^^ I hope you liked the shop as much as I do already.

* En aina kirjoita suomennosta, jos pääasiassa ovat kuvat.
Ja tällä kertaa se oli uuden nettikauppalöydön tarjonta..
Sekä muutama lahjaideakin siihen joukkoon mukaan.. ^^ *


  1. I love that second row of necklaces, they are so pretty!! And I love white tops, they go with everything and look so nice!! I hope you find one that you enjoy :) Have a great week xx

  2. Amazing accessories!!!!
    The first necklace is dreamy :)

  3. Kiitti kans vaihtokaupoista, en kokeillu pienempää nappulaa vaan nappasin heti ton isomman :)

    PS- mulla on yks juttu kysyttävänä tähän Clothinglovesiin liittyen, pystytkö laittaan mulle privaa? (

  4. All of these are such statement making necklaces- I love them all! They would dress a basic outfit up in no time!


  5. O M G, those necklaces :O I'm absolutely amazed by them all and I think I would wear each and every one of them! I have only one issue - I can't order from foreign online stores, haha :P anyway, thanks for sharing and when you get any of those, definitely present it in your blog! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. Ihanat korut Satu! Hyvä löytö, kiitos kun jaoit sen meidän kanssa!
    Mäkin tykkään paljon valkoisista paidoista! Näytä sitten minkä valitsit!
    Kiitos ihanasta kommentista! Myrsky on tunnelmallinen kunhan pysyy sisällä, haha! Olen samaa mieltä lumen merkityksestä!


  7. That jewelry is really lovely- I particularly like the black and gold necklace in the middle!

  8. I love those necklaces! And I could totally use some more simple white tops myself too!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Very beautiful pieces! I love the first necklace with the birds! kisses chris

  10. I absolutely ADORE the bird necklace ♥
    And the clothes, oh my, I'll have t check this store out.

  11. Goodness I love the necklaces! Such a creative post! Burgundy is a great winter color in my opinion and I am glad you agree! Would you like to follow each other? :]

  12. OMG miten ihania ! mie kyl tarviisin koruja täydentämään kaappia :))

  13. Thank you girls ! Let us know about your experiences too, this is my first time doing business with them. x

    Kiitos neidot! Paitaa ei lähtenyt vielä ostoskoriin, mutta erästä korua odottelen jo innolla .. ;)

  14. Pääskys- ja kotkakorun kun saisi. Upeat!