December 23, 2012

Love song of Siren

In case I don't have time to say this on Christmas Eve, very happy & calm Christmas to everyone! x
I'm in love with those comfy looking basic boots (Dania ankle boots, £32)
 & those sick leggings :D (Calista tribal leggings, £16)

Those sunnies are the cutest I've seen, & I'd also love to get 
loads more sparkles sparkles sparkles *
What a bargain find that is btw, £30! (see the dress here)

both collages by Siren London.

This is one of those shops I've recently found, and it's just beyond adorable !
Love their dresses, accessories and jewelry .. Haven't even gone through the whole site yet and loving everything already! You must check them out. It's not a large company, which appeals to me big time.
 I've began to appreciate unique and lasting pieces more than disposable fashion. Prices are also pretty nice. I found some dresses that cost only £16, and that's normal price tag.. Must go see the sale now ^^

info: This is not a sponsored post. I joined as Siren London's affiliate the other day,
so if you choose to buy something from their site - and use my links to do so -
you'll sponsor me a tiny bit. x Thank you.


  1. let me say I'm absolutely amazed by the first collage, the whole thing! I really want all those wonderful pieces to glow in my wardrobe, hehe.
    that jacket with the fur collar, those adorable leggings and sweaters, the super fierce bag.. gosh, all those things are perfect! :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. Merry Christmas ♥
    Love the first collage, soft Christmas rocker ;)

  3. who doesn't both love a cozy Christmas and boogie nights?

    xoxo navy & orange