December 18, 2012

Stories are like fairy gold:
the more you give away, the more you have.

(title quote by Polly McQuire)

I do love a great fairy tale, especially all the old and enchanting ones with evil witches and brave souls who save the day - or the princess. The tragic and spooky ones but with happy endings and great lessons between the lines. The ones that were told when I was a child, and when your parents and grandparents and their parents were children. I read a lot myself, still do when I have time, and I remember getting books for my every birthday and Christmas present. I do thank my family for that now. I thank for my imagination, and ability to dream the impossible..


And because of my adoring to all things fairy tale, I was ecstatic to find this little beauty on eBay. 
It's not real Disney one, and not as good quality either, but I do love it anyways. 

Cinderella's pumpkin carriage

A side note about fairy tale movies:

Have you noticed how many new fairy tale-inspired movies have been released within these past few years? 

..Surely movies about fairy tales have been made throughout film history,

and when I was a child some of my favourite movies were Finnish films Sleeping Beauty [1949]
and Snow Queen [1987]. I also loved German film version of Sleeping Beauty, Swedish stories about
Ronja Robbersdaughter, Pippi Longstocking and many other by Astrid Lindgren.
BUT, just recently I've began to notice how many fairy tales have got spiced up recently.
You know, Brothers Grimm, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the Huntsman,
Red Riding Hood, and upcoming Hanzel and Gretel - Witch Hunters..! And also one of my new
favourite tv-series Once upon a time, which includes various characters and story behind them.
Which reminds me, I should watch few episodes... ;)

Do you have a favourite fairy tale,

either among these new "pimped up" white screen versions, or the traditional/folklore ones ?
And do you still love those childhood stories, or even read those ? I'd really love to know.

+ Here's a link to one site that has listed 50 Greatest Fairy Tale Movies ever made.

The Jewelry Haul

 Peacock, moustache and pumpkin carriage / Ebay
Silver claw holding golden ball / Glitter

I found peacock earrings years ago, but didn't know how to combine them with other jewelry. 
That's why it was so nice to find this one, also from eBay. Plus, I love feathers.


Bird claw

I also have a slight obsession with anything about birds.
Bought this claw necklace from Glitter and it's my favorite at the moment.

Black + Gold Moustache 
Who wouldn't love anything with moustache ?
Happy belated Movember he !

* Jos joku suomalainen lukee tätä eikä tajua hölkäsen pöläystä, suomennan mielelläni. *
 Nyt just vain ei kerkiä eikä pysty ajattelemaan kahdella kielellä c(:


  1. I do have a favorite fairy tale: Hansel & Gretel-it teaches self reliance and to not be taken in by distractions and to question authority and what you "see" in front of you. I also like Peter Pan.

    Ali of:

  2. Ali: Oh that's good one! (You noticed there's a new version coming out soon ;)

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. lovely jewels! that cinderella carriage thingy is divine.. I'm a huge fan of childish-fantasy stories.. I believe in magic and all that stuff, truly.. at least it cheers me up wondering about fairies, spells, mermaids, unicorns and stuff.. even ghosts.. I just think reality is not enough..I need my imaginary world a lot and often..
    btw.. I love once upon a time too!
    thanks for stopping by the blog, hope you join the giveaway..take care, I'll keep in touch

  4. Oh I LOVE fairy tales too...and happy endings. What a cute pumpkin carriage...and gorgeous peacock pendant!

  5. Replying to your question on my blog, it took about a month to receive my gift after I posted the article.

  6. I love all things fairytale! Very nice necklace and other jewels you bought there!


  7. Voi miten ihana tuo riikinkukkokoru! Ihan todella upea :) ♥

  8. You really have got a lucky hand to find great, excentric jewels.
    Have a good time

  9. I also love the magic of cute is that pumpkin carriage and peacock, love these spectacular and enchanting buys!

  10. I love this necklaces !

    New post on :


  11. Beautiful pieces of jewelry! I love Cinderella's pumpkin carriage the most! ♥

    Love your name, Satu! And I just replied on your comment in my blog :) Thanks for leaving such a sweet one!

    The Misty Mom

  12. Ooohh, I love fairy tales! I grew up with Astrid Lindgren´s books and movies. And of course Walt Disney, Asbjørnsen & Moe (norwegian), H. C Andersen, and The Grimm Brothers as you mentioned.
    I watched a Christmas (or Yule as I prefer to say, hihi) Special the other day with clips from all the Astrid Lindgren movies - I just love it, and have to watch it every year ;)

    We live in a very small apartment, so there is no way that I could have a yule tree, even though I really want one ;) So the little cone- shaped spruce was a perfect substitute :D

    The necklace is really cute!! All of them are :)

  13. Amazing and unique pieces! I love the peacock one! kisses chris

  14. Thank you all so much :)

    Kiitos !

    It was so nice to hear about your favorite fairy tales and writers. :)


  15. Love those...the peacock one is wonderful x

  16. Tietysti rakastan satuja! Suosikkisatuni lapsena olivat mm. Ronja Ryövärintytär ja Eemeli. Tykkäsin myös kovasti Disneyn elokuvista, suosikkini olivat Aladdin, Mulan ja Pocahontas. Katselin usein kuitenkin myös Tuhkimoa ja Kaunotarta ja hirviötä. Pelkäsin kauheasti Pienen Merenneidon Ursulaa ja Ruususen noitaäitipuolta. Meillä on myös kotona joku elokuvaversio Lumikista josta tykkäsin. Luin pienenä aika paljon Nalle Puhin kirjoja. Koska äidinkieleni on ruotsi, katsoin myös paljon ruotsinkielisiä elokuvia, kuten esim. Matka Meloniaan, Meillä oli myös H.C. Andersenin kirjasarja joka kuului yösatusuosikkeihini koska sarjan kirjoista löytyi aina opetus. Tämän lisäksi pidin Tonttulan lapset kirjasta, Kaislikossa suhisee kirjasta ja Pelle kani (ainakin ruotsiksi Pelle kanin). Muumeista puhumattakaan :)


  17. Ihania esimerkkejä :) Ja pari uuttakin, tosiaan tuosta Matka Meloniaan-elokuvasta en ollut kuullutkaan.


  18. multa löytyy tuo Tuhkimo-kaulakoru myös ;--)) <3 rakkaus, kuten Helinä-keiju <3

  19. Aww, ollaan me aikamoisia koruhiiriä. ^^